Tuesday, September 27, 2011

XC Update - Bob Firman

Darts -

Sorry that I didn't get the opportunity to send out an email this past weekend. It is hard to believe that we are over half way through the season. With only 4 races to go, it is important that you take advantage of your opportunities. Again, I challenge each of you to bring a positive attitude and a lot of energy and focus to our practices and races over the next 2 weeks of workouts - which are really there to prepare us for the final 2 races of the season (region and state). Even though the varsity runners are not competing at Syracuse tomorrow, it is still an important race for the rest of the TEAM, and a great opportunity for the JV runners to step up and perform for the TEAM.

Here is how the race schedule is looking for the rest of the season:

Wednesday, 9/28 Open Region Meet @ Syracuse - Girls race at 3:45; Boys at 4:15. The race is 3 miles and starts on the field to the west of the Syracuse track.

Friday/Saturday 9/30-10/1 - We were originally going to go to UVU on the 30th, then I changed it to Park City on the 1st - but we have decided not to attend a race this weekend.

Wednesday, 10/5 - Open Region Meet @ Davis (Barnes Park). Girls will race at 3:45; Boys at 4:15.

Wednesday, 10/12 - Region Championships @ Layton Park

Wednesday, 10/19 - State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park - even though we can only race with 7 runners, I expect the entire TEAM to come and be a part of the race by cheering and supporting the varsity group.

The Bob Firman Invitational in Boise, ID gave us the opportunity to race against some very strong teams. It was a fun and memorable trip, highlighted by a tough race. There were 7 of the top 22 nationally ranked teams in the boys race, and we ended up with a solid 2nd place. The only team ahead of us was Arcadia, CA (currently ranked #5 and last year's national champions). We finished ahead of North Central, WA (US #10), Woodlands, TX (#11), Rancho Cucamungo, CA (#17), Trabuco Hills, CA (#21), and Mountain View, UT (#22). Brad Nye led us with a great race for 2nd place in a time of 15:50. Although it was a unseasonably hot day, Brad's time was the fastest run by a Davis athlete in the 6 years we have been attending the race. We also had a solid performance by Logan Wood, who stepped up and ran with our top 5 to finish 29th. The boys in the Division I Varsity race also ran tough and earned one of the coveted shoe trophies by finishing 3rd behind the Arcadia JV and the Ogden Varsity group. And I was probably most impressed with our boys JV performance. We ran patient and tough during the hottest part of the day - great races by Seth Thompson, Justin Schofield, Ryan Tanner, Josh Ward, Ethan Stuart, Rex Sumsion, Kimball Potter, Trevor Fry, and Isaac Clouse. Of all of the races, the JV boys averaged closest to the Murray Invite from the previous week.

The girls didn't face quite the amount of ranked teams, but still competed well against some great teams from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, California, and other states. We finished in 5th place out of well over 100 teams entered in the meet. In the girls elite races, Joanna Boyd continued to show her strength and show that she has been working hard with her 21st place finish (1 shy of getting a back pack), but she did move up from 35th place over the 2nd half of the race. The girls Division I varsity finished in 4th place - all of the schools ahead of us were the varsity teams from their schools. We were led by Sierra Haslam, Sadie Hutchinson, and McKenzie Weir. The girls have continued to show strength and depth. We have a very young TEAM, and I expect them to work hard and come back to the same meet in a year and race for the TEAM victory. We also had a great showing in the JV race, where we pulled off the TEAM win (again at the hottest time of the day - probably 90 degrees). We had tough races from Sierra Graham, Janice Hartvigsen, Madi Bledsoe, Elise Anderson, Michaela Uresk, Nalany Resek, and Mikell Wood.

I was really impressed with our toughness from both the boys and the girls. The course was tough, and the weather was HOT, but we ran with heart and guts. I don't think it was our strongest performance of the year, but I like that we are out there giving our all - even when the circumstances aren't ideal. I have grown to expect a lot from this year's TEAM, and I am proud of how most of you are responding to those expectations. Keep working hard, and keep being positive with yourselves and each other.

I didn't have time to type of the Davis results, but you can see all the results at www.bobfirmanxc.org They also have some race video from each of the 6 races we were participating in. I also have some pictures on facebook if you would like to take a look.

Thanks to all the parents who were able to come and support the TEAM, and thanks to Jill and Charla for helping with the supervision. Overall, I felt it was a very successful trip, and I think it made us stronger as a TEAM as we head into the championship part of our season.


Coach Talley

Athletes of the Week - Sierra Haslam, Joanna Boyd, Brad Nye, Taylor Goldsberry

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