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Cross Country Update - Bob Firman Invitational

Darts -
I wish I could capture in words how impressive the Bob Firman trip was this year. We asked you to run with heart and passion and to race rather than just run, and that is exactly what you did. We ran as a TEAM, and it was fun to be a part of. We had athletes entered in 4 different varsity races and we came home with a trophy for each race. It was truly a demonstration of TEAM unity and TEAM depth. Not only did we race well, but you were also very well-behaved on the trip. I appreciate you following the rules. It was nice to see you have so much fun, but also great to see you take the racing seriously like we asked you to. Congratulations as a TEAM on your outstanding performances and on a very successful trip.
The Elite Boys race was one of the most exciting I have seen. We didn't get out too well, but stayed patient and positive and really worked our way up as a group. Joe White led the way with a killer 2nd half of the race. He really was on fire - passing people left and right to finish in 16:10 - the 2nd fastest time ever on the course by a Dart. The other 4 of the top 5 also moved their way up over the 2nd half of the race to all finish in the top 21. Neuner was truly a stud as he came through for us even after a week of being sick (he ran a sick race). Those 5 boys ran a combined time of 1:21.41 which is our team record by 1:20 and is the 5th fastest team time ever run by any team at Bob Firman.
The Varsity Division 1 Boys (our JV squad) was also a really fun race to watch. I thought we ran our plan well, and didn't let the fact that we were running with varsity teams intimidate us. In fact - we won the team competition. Had our top 5 boys been in the Elite race we would have finished 8th - beating 15 teams. We were led by a great race by Matt Swanson. He ran 16:35 to finish 6th and would have been 27th in the elite race. Skylar Williams was our #2 - and he was also the 2nd fastest freshman from any of the races. I also thought we had particularly strong races from Zach Schofield, Colton Cottrell, Ryan Lee, Devin Vance, and Isaac Clouse.
In the Elite girls race we were going up against two of the nation's top 25 teams (Bishop Kelly #19 and Ogden #23). We recently snuck into the rankings as well at #50. We ran a solid race and were as close to Ogden as we have been all year. Shea ran the 2nd fastest time by a Dart on the course at 18:21 - good enough to finish 3rd. Meghan also finished top 20 - earning her 3rd Bob Firman backpack in a row. We had some really strong performances by Anni Andersen, Joanna Boyd, and Madi Holt. One thing that I learned from both Elite races is that it is great to have teammates to step up for other teammates when they are struggling or unable to race.
The Varsity Division 1 Girls (Our JV) did an incredible job racing as a TEAM. I loved the packs of runners that we had throughout the race. Especially our #2-6 girls - they really pushed each other and worked to stay close. We had Nalany run an outstanding race to finish 13th (and win a backpack) with a time of 20:15, and then our 2-6 finished within 13 seconds of each other and earned us our 4th trophy of the day. The only team to beat us was a very strong team from Mountain Crest. Great focus and great energy by our girls in that race. I love how you all run for each other and you are motivated by each other. Keep it up!

I just want to thank each of you for the sacrifices that you make for the TEAM - and for being willing to do what I ask you to do. I know that you are sometimes asked to give up some things of the "normal" high school lifestyle, but it does make our TEAM stronger, and I hope you see that it is good for you as individuals as well. Anyway, I really appreciate your attitudes and your sacrifices. I also really appreciate the parents and the other coaches who gave time and energy to make this trip successful.

Athletes of the Week:
Madi Holt - very strong as our #5 - ran a patient race.
Sierra Haslam - improving each week - sub 21:00!!
Danna Stuart - determined and always hard working - great race at Firman.
Joe White - Killer race - was an absolut animal.
Skylar Williams - proving he is one of our best freshman ever.
Colton Cottrell - had a great race - but was also extremely helpful on the trip. Thanks.

Coming Up:
The next 12 days - These 12 days are extremely important for the rest of our season and for our post season goals. These next 12 days I ask that each of you come to practice with great attitudes and come to practice prepared for some good hard running.
Wednesday, Sept 29 - Region Meet at Barnes Park - Girls will start at 3:45, Boys will start at 4:15 - there will only be 2 races.
Wednesday, Oct 6 - Region Meet at Syracuse High School
Wednesday, Oct 13 - Region Championships at Layton Park
Wednesday, Oct 20 - State Championships at Sugarhouse Park

Full Results can be found at
Girls Elite Varsity
3. Shea Martinez 18:21
16. Meghan Hedquist 19:07
25. Anni Andersen 19:31 (moved up from 41st at the mile)
36. Joanna Boyd 19:50 (moved up from 61st at the mile)
39. Madi Holt 19:54
48. Abby Frodsham 20:03
66. Anna Ward 20:21
Team Scores
1. Ogden 82 (U.S. #23)
2. Davis 97 (U.S. #50)
3. Park City 127
4. Boise 174
5. Alta 213
6. Timpanogos 220
7. Bishop Kelly 221 (U.S. #19)

Girls Division 1 Varsity
13. Nalany Resek 20:15
30. Sierra Haslam 20:51
33. Becca Albrechtsen 20:56
35. Jessica Paget 20:59
37. Janice Hartvigsen 21:01
38. Megan Parker 21:04
57. Brooke Gutzwiller 21:28
65. Ashley Tyndall 21:40
66. Liz Ashby 21:41
72. Sarah Parker 21:51
74. Danna Stuart 21:52
96. Mikell Wood 22:14
103. Sadie Hutchinson 22:17
120. Madie McCleary 22:32
129. Tracey Munson 22:39
154. Shaylee Argyle 23:16
155. Julia Anderson 23:16
159. Michaela Uresk 23:17
173. Whitney Williams 23:29
*251 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Mountain Crest 92
2. Davis 148
3. Star Valley 204
4. Centennial 205
5. Elko 237
6. Preston 240
7. Judge 244

Elite Boys Varsity
11. Joe White 16:10
14. Preston Johnson 16:15 (moved up from 40th at the mile)
18. Brayden Cromar 16:22
19. Brad Nye 16:23
21. Austin Neuner 16:28
58. Adam Mathias 17:02
60. Logan Wood 17:03
Team Scores
1. Davis 65 (U.S. #37)
2. Lewis & Clark 106 (U.S. #30)
3. North Central 112 (U.S. #7)
4. Mountain View 198
5. Eagle 200
6. Orem 220
7. Park City 239

Division 1 Varsity Boys
6. Matt Swanson 16:35
14. Skylar Williams 16:54
23. Zach Schofield 17:09
27. Matt Munns 17:13
29. Spencer Jones 17:15
36. Colton Cottrell 17:21
43. Jackson Sagers 17:30
69. Phillip Baker 17:43
77. Ryan Lee 17:52
93. Hayden Hansen 18:02
97. Taylor Goldsberry 18:06
98. Nate Lee 18:06
110 James Stenquist 18:12
122. Adam Seelos 18:25
126. Austin Allred 18:31
148. Seth Thompson 18:47
159. Andrew Aposhian 18:51
165. Nelson Davis 18:58
166. Curtis Knight 18:58
167. Devin Vance 18:59
184. Alex Hedquist 19:10
186. Rex Sumsion 19:12
191. Jed Brough 19:19
193. Keigunn Kunz 19:20
212. Ryan Tanner 19:41
223. Isaac Clouse 20:00
225. Nick Mason 20:06
228. Adam Berry 20:13
234. Bryce Stephens 20:20
240. Dan Wybrow 21:02
Team Scores
1. Davis 99
2. Boise 113
3. Ogden 154
4. Mountain Crest 170
5. Kuna 209
6. Meridian 211
7. North Central 235

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