Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Update - Week 7

Darts -
First of all - send in your miles if you have not already. If I am missing weeks from you - I would really like to have them (even if they were "pathetic" weeks). We are getting close to when our training becomes more intense, and it really helps me to help you if I know what you have been doing. Plus - we are on record shattering pace. After last week (half way through the summer) the girls had 6,576 miles - on pace for 13,000. The record right now is just over 10,000. I like that we are not just going to set the record, but demolish it. The boys were at 8,869 after last week - on pace for 17,500 miles. Last year we set the record at 15,900. Individually I would like to see many of you either maintain what you have been running over the second half or increase your mileage. There are a lot of boys and girls just below 200 miles at this point. With some hard work over the 2nd half of the summer, you can reach 400 miles.
Which brings me to the question: Why are we doing this? Why are we getting up early or going out in the heat or sometimes sacrificing doing other things in order to log mileage? What is the point? The point is. . . You are going to be stronger. You are going to be ready to work your bodies hard in order to get fast. You are going to be monsters when it comes to racing up hills in the fall. You are working the weakness out of your legs, arms, heart, lungs, and mind so that you will be animals when the time to race comes. You are building a base to decrease the risk of injury and increase your individual potential. You are doing this to be fit and tough and ripped and ready. So that when you toe the starting line, you can tell yourself "I've worked for this moment - I am ready for this race - I own this race". Summer running is all about gaining confidence in your body and your mind. It is all about giving yourself the advantage over your competition. So next time you want to give in to the lazy thoughts, remind yourself why you are doing this - to be your very best for yourself and for your TEAM.
Stay consistent in your training. When you have busy days - try to work in a run, even if it is something shorter. Get your butt out of bed and RUN IN THE MORNING WHEN IT IS COOLER - you will be so much happier that you have the rest of the day to do whatever you need (even if it is to take a nap). When you miss workouts with the TEAM for whatever reason - still do those workouts on your own. Many of you missed the mile repeats on Thursday - I hope it was because you had a good reason. I also hope that you tried to do that workout on your own somehow. It was great to see Kayla and Jackson at the Lagoon trails early on Thursday getting their workout in before they had to go wherever they were going. And lastly - take care of your bodies. A healthy body leads to a happy mind and a happy runner. Eat right and eat enough. Be drinking a lot throughout the day. Get the rest you need (aiming for 8 hours a night). Nutrition and sleep will help you recover from your workouts and will help you to feel better and run better (then comes the happiness).

Cross Country Racing Flats - The best place to buy cross country racing flats (as far as cost goes) is online at They have some great deals right now with many shoes for sale for $20-$40. There are not a lot of size selections on the $20 shoes, but I am finding that most of the $30 and $40 specials have a lot of the sizes. Buying cross country flats is not necessary for racing, but it will make a noticeable difference over racing in your normal training shoes. Here is the link to the site - (hopefully that works)
Some of the shoes I like best on there are:
Nike Zoom Waffle XC VII ($20-30) - boys
Nike Jana Star Waffle III ($30 - a lot of sizes) - girls
Nike Jana Star Waffle IV ($45 - a lot of sizes) - girls
Asics Gel Dirt Dog 2 ($20 - a lot of sizes) - boys
Saucony Grid Kilkenny XC3 Spike ($20 - a lot of sizes) - boys and girls
Saucony Shay XC Spike ($30 - a lot of sizes) - boys and girls
Let me know if you have any questions on what shoes to get. I like a pair of cross country racers that you can also use on the track for the distance races. The shoes that are made for cross country will have a rubber sole across the entire bottom of the shoe. A lot of the track specific racing shoes will have some hard plastic on the bottom.

New Workouts - The final set of workouts is attached to this email. I will also try to have some copies of the workouts at the Vita Course tomorrow. We are down to 5 weeks left of the summer - if you have been committed up to this point - great job! If you could do better - commit yourselves to do better. Thanks for the work you have been doing - our TEAM is going to be amazing because of it.

Coming Up:
Monday, 7-19: Vita Course 7:00am - we will be running/speed hiking up to Adam's Canyon Waterfall. I will have the new workout schedule to hand out.
Wednesday, 7-21: Varsity Run - everyone who feels like they can handle something a little more challenging is invited to come this week. We will be meeting at the school at 7:00am and driving to Meuller Park Canyon for a 7-9 mile run. We will need drivers. We will not be back to the school until about 9:45.
Thursday, 7-22: Meet at the SCHOOL at 7:00am for a 3 mile tempo run and some 400s.
Saturday, 7-24: Deseret News 10k - Some of your teammates will be representing Davis XC at the Deseret News 10k. There is a high school competition which we do pretty well in every year. Those running will be Logan Petty, Joe White, Austin Neuner, Preston Williams, Brayden Cromar, Alex Hedquist, Adam Mathias, Matt Munns, Hayden Hansen, and Colton Cottrell for the boys, and Meghan Hedquist, Jessie Wilding, Emily Hansen, Shea Martinez, Abby Frodsham, Anni Andersen, Anna Ward, Hannah Haws, and Tessa Brown for the girls. My wife and I are also running; I will let you know how we all do.
Monday-Friday (July 26-30) - High Altitude Camp - Those of you attending camp should have received an email this past week with a lot of important information. We are still looking for quite a few parents who can drive up on Monday or pick us up on Friday.

Go Darts!

Coach Talley

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