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XC Update - Orem Invite

Darts -
It was another busy week of running. On Wednesday we raced at Clearfield High (results are posted on and then on Saturday we were at the Orem Invite and saw some of the best competition in 5A. Once again, I was pleased with our TEAM effort. Although we still have some improvements to make in these final 3 weeks, we are coming along and getting closer and stronger as a TEAM with each workout and each race.

There are many positive things that I made note of after the race:
Logan Petty / Joe White - went out and ran together. They helped each other out, but also really pushed each other. It can be difficult to run for time in the lead of the race, but they pushed each other to some solid times. Good TEAM work.
Hollie King - hadn't run in a JV race for a while, but she kept a great attitude and really pushed herself running all alone in the lead. One of the toughest, gutsiest performances in her strong Davis XC career. She almost caught the vespa scooter.
Rachel Jackson - ran a very controlled smart race, and was extremely excited about getting a pr afterward.
Missy Lott - Also excited about a pr for the Orem course (even if it was by just 1 second). Missy comes to practice everyday and works hard and stays positive.
Trevor Mills - although he died in the race, I could tell he gave a great effort. It might not have been his day, but he pushed through some pain and made it to the finish. One thing I like about having Trevor on the team is his encouragement to everyone around him.
James Stenquist - a huge PR, 20 seconds faster than Bob Firman. He was so determined to do well in the race, and it paid off.
Megan Parker - really had a breakthrough race. She ran patient the first half, but was flying the second half as she moved up into 2nd place - just to be barely caught at the line.
Brooke Gutzwiller / Becca Albrechtsen - ran very well together. They pushed each other to top 7 finishes (giving us 3 freshmen in the top 7 of JV). Our freshmen have showed a lot of GUTS and TOUGHNESS this season. Plus they are racing smart and gaining a lot of experience.
Andrew Steinicke - Really got after it. Steinicke works hard all the time and his race times are starting to show for it. I liked the determination I saw from him when I told him he had to fly to make it under 19:00. Andrew's 5k pr by over :30.
Melissa Welling - a pr in the 5k by 2:07. She has only been running for 5 weeks, and showed she is following in her older sister's footsteps. Jenny ran on Friday in the college race and finished in 22:10.
Coach Steve Petty - really stepped up in bringing us the huge tent and tarps. We were the best prepared TEAM at the meet, and it wasn't because of me. Way to go Steve!
Brittany Sumsion - I know Brittany wasn't satisfied with the race, but she always gives her best effort. She is trying to get healthy and race well at the same time, and it is quite a challenge, but she has done a good job staying positive and giving her all.
Devin Lang - 1st cross country race turned out to be a great performance. 8th place. With some consistency in training he will turn out some great track times.
Candace Eddy - showed a lot of courage. It is difficult to come back from injury and not be ready to race, but Candace was willing to run for her TEAM even though she is not quite ready to run for herself.
Katie Swanson & Julianne Wirthlin - (It seems like I have listed these 2 together since they first started running) although both were nervous about their legs before the race, they both ran hard and secured the victory for the TEAM.
Emily Hansen - wasn't mentioned in the Deseret News, but is so important to the TEAM. She brings excitement and passion to every race, and really sets the tone for our varsity runners.
Meghan Hedquist - has really learned to push herself. With about 150 meters to go, I was cheering for Meghan to finish strong, I thought she was going to fall over. She had left it all on the course.
Leland Stenquist - every time I yelled at Leland to get moving (I was yelling quite a bit at the varsity boys trying to get them going) - every time, Leland just gave me a little head nod and then went after it. He has learned to push himself and perform well in the big races. We need Leland-like performances at the last 2 races to do our best.
Seth Gutzwiller - One of Seth's greatest high school performances. He has been consistent for 4 cross country seasons now. I know I can always count on Seth to come to the race with desire and determination to prove himself and to run for the TEAM. He was very deserving of the win.

The entire team - kept a positive attitude in the rain. I could probably list all of you and something positive you accomplished in the race on Saturday, but it is getting late. I hope you are all learning from the ups and downs of running. From the mistakes and the successes. With only 10 days left until the region meet and 17 days until state it is essential that we prepare ourselves the best we can. Take care of yourself as far as rest and nutrition goes. And prepare yourself mentally to have your best races of the season right here at the end when it counts.

Orem Invite Results
For Complete results go to
JV Girls 5A
1. Hollie King 20:57
3. Megan Parker 21:33
5. Lizzy Wallin 21:45
6. Becca Albrechtsen 21:49
7. Brooke Gutzwiller 21:52
9. Brooke Stromberg 22:07
12. Rachel Jackson 22:13
14. Hannah Firth 22:26
16. Chelsea Jackson 22:32
17. Brittany Sumsion 22:34
21. Carlee Petersen 22:56
31. Missy Lott 23:27
32. Caitlin Miller 23:33
33. Anna Ward 23:33
37. Melissa Welling 23:44
40. Madi Holt 23:52
49. Emily Prince 24:18
51. Danna Stuart 24:25
52. Cecily Nye 24:26
57. Karaline Vandemerwe 24:51
61. Amy Andrus 25:02
69. Rachel Hunsaker 25:44
71. Tracey Munson 25:52
83. Julia Anderson 26:34
105. Sarah Bilton 28:56
107. Kensie Stephens 29:03
118 Total 5A Runners (Davis took 11 of the top 21 places)
*TEAM Scores
1. Davis 22
2. Alta 46
(If the JV girls were in the Varsity girls race, they would have finished 10th out of 27 teams)

JV Boys 5A
1. Logan Petty 17:29
2. Joe White 17:39
5. Brian Alfaro 17:58
7. Caleb Ward 18:14
8. Devin Lang 18:18
14. Curtis Carlisle 18:27
15. Keigunn Kunz 18:31
16. Colin Cromar 18:40
21. Adam Mathias 18:50
22. Andrew Steinicke 18:51
25. Michael Murdock 19:02
38. Brandon Estoque 19:19
39. Adam Seelos 19:19
48. James Stenquist 19:30
50. Trevor Mills 19:36
56. Cade Cloward 19:43
66. Bradley Fry 19:53
126. Devin Vance 21:39
141. Marlowe Haws 22:25
*170 Total Runners (Davis took 10 of the top 22 places)
TEAM Scores:
1. Davis 23
2. Timpanogos 84
(If the JV Boys were in the varsity race, they would have finished 12th out of 32 teams)

Varsity Girls 5A
3. Meghan Hedquist 19:12
6. Emily Hansen 19:33
7. Katie Swanson 19:41
12. Julianne Wirthlin 20:08
17. Candace Eddy 20:20
18. Jessie Wilding 20:24
23. Talya Kussee 20:50
*103 Total Runners
TEAM Scores:
1. Davis 44
2. Timpanogos 99
TEAM Scores from all divisions:
1. Davis 74
2. Park City 78
3. Ogden 145

Varsity Boys 5A
1. Seth Gutzwiller 16:18
15. Leland Stenquist 17:17
18. Jason Thomas 17:26
23. Michael King 17:34
25. Derek Gallacher 17:36
33. Carston Feigleson 17:49
38. Jeff Taylor 17:57
* 105 Total Runners
TEAM Scores:
1. Alta 37
2. Davis 79
3. Timpanogos 98

Coming Up:
Wednesday, Oct 8 - Open Region Meet @ Fremont High - races will begin at 3:45.
Wednesday, Oct 15 - Region Championships @ Layton Park - races will begin at 3:00.
Wednesday, Oct 22 - State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park

Alumni News:
Natalie Haws, Loren Storey, and Jenny Welling all competed at the UVU Invite on Friday (same course we ran on Saturday). Natalie won the Women's 5k in 18:38. Loren was Weber State's 6th runner at 19:56 (26th overall). And Jenny (in her 1st cross country race ever) finished in 22:10. She has been training with BYU, but ran unattached.
Corinne Johnson finished the St. George Marathon in a personal best (and very impressive) 3:18.

Athletes of the Week:
Logan Petty
Andrew Steinicke
Hollie King
Missy Lott
Steve Petty

I want you each to look back over the last 2 1/2 weeks of the season and be able to say "I have NO REGRETS." We have prepared ourselves over the past 4 months for this time right now.

Coach Talley

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