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Cross Country Update - Region Champs!

Darts, Parents, & Supporters -
It has been a great week for the cross country TEAM! The region championships were held at Layton Park on Wednesday and we were successful in defending our titles. It makes 13 straight for the boys and 3 in a row for the girls. After a lot of hard work all summer and all season, we saw some awesome individual and TEAM performances. Here are the Davis results (full results can be seen at

In our most dominating performance of the afternoon, the girls JV team perfect scored the competition and finished with 16 of the top 20 places. We were led by junior Brooke Stromberg and 3 freshman Brooke, Megan, and Becca. All the girls gave a great effort from the start and ran inspired races. Some big improvements came from Caitlin Miller, Anna Ward, Rachel Hunsaker, Cecily Nye, and Karaline Vandemerwe. If we could have put the JV team into the varsity race, they would have qualified for state (top 5 teams).
Girls’ Junior Varsity Results
1. 20:23 Brooke Stromberg Davis
2. 20:38 Brooke Gutzwiller Davis
3. 20:53.6 Megan Parker Davis
4. 20:53.9 Becca Albrechtsen Davis
5. 21:15 Hannah Firth Davis
7. 21:29 Chelsea Jackson Davis
8. 21:30 Rachel Jackson Davis
9. 21:53 Caitlin Miller Davis
10. 22:00 Madi Holt Davis
11. 22:04 Missy Lott Davis
12. 22:09 Anna Ward Davis
14. 22:10 Rachel Hunsaker Davis
16. 22:25 Emily Prince Davis
18. 22:37 Carlee Peterson Davis
19. 22:49 Cecily Nye Davis
20. 22:51 Danna Stewart Davis
22. 22:52.5 Melissa Welling Davis
23. 22:55 Karaline Vandemerwe Davis
25. 22:58 Jeanna Reid Davis
29. 23:36.5 Amy Andrus Davis
50. 25:52 Tracey Munson Davis
52. 26:43 Bryn Lewis Davis
53. 26:48 Sarah Bilton Davis
54. 27:07 Kensie Stephens Davis

1. 15 Davis
2. 56 Weber
3. 91 Syracuse
4. 94 Viewmont

The varsity girls have gone through some injury challenges the past few weeks, and we were missing Julianne, but they have stayed positive. Candace is getting healthy again and it was nice to have her leading us with her 2nd region championship. Meghan and Emily ran solid and strong like they have all year. The three of them covered Amy Allred's move and were able to pull ahead in the final 200 meters. Katie hasn't run much since Orem because of some tendonitis in her achilles, but got in the race and ran tough to finish 5th. Jessie stepped up in the big race as she has all year, and was our #5 runner, finishing 10th (all-region), and Hollie and Talya continued to run consistently finishing 11th and 12th and helped us out by beating all other teams' 3rd runners. Lizzy and Brittany didn't get to count in the scoring, but they ran tough in the varsity race and would have been on the varsity of any other team. Congrats to Coach Buhrley and the Syracuse TEAM for their improvements (2nd place in their 2nd year is awesome).
Girls’ Varsity Results
1. 18:48 Candace Eddy Davis
2. 18:49 Meghan Hedquist Davis
3. 18:50 Emily Hansen Davis
4. 18:59 Amy Allred Layton
5. 19:17 Katie Swanson Davis
6. 19:24 Cherice Chugg Fremont
7. 19:28 Karlee Deeter Weber
8. 19:29 Allyson Deeter Weber
9. 19:30 Hannah Williams Syracuse
10. 19:31 Jessie Wilding Davis
11. 19:37 Hollie King Davis
12. 19:49 Talya Kussee Davis
NS. 20:22 Lizzy Wallin Davis
NS. 20:52.8 Brittany Sumsion Davis

1. 21 Davis
2. 72 Syracuse
3. 78 Weber
4. 89 Fremont
5. 134 Layton
6. 163 Viewmont
7. 179 Clearfield
8. 238 Northridge

Our boys JV team completed their undefeated season with a near perfect score of 17. The boys JV also would have qualified for state if given the chance in the varsity race. It shows that we have a strong future for our program. I was pleased with the way they pushed each other and ran in groups throughout the race - they have learned to push their limits and to work together. We were led by 2 seniors in there first year of cross country competition. Curtis has worked hard since he started meeting with the team in June, and he really deserved the win. There were some big improvements from Michael Murdock, Adam Seelos, Kye Kunz, and Cade Cloward.
Boys’ Junior Varsity Results
1. 17:08 Curtis Carlisle Davis
2. 17:29 Devin Lang Davis
3. 17:33 Brian Alfaro Davis
4. 17:40 Colin Cromar Davis
7. 17:50.9 Michael Murdock Davis
10. 17:56 Keigunn Kunz Davis
12. 18:06.6 Adam Mathias Davis
15. 18:07.9 Adam Seelos Davis
16. 18:08 Andrew Steinicke Davis
23. 18:26.0 Trevor Mills Davis
25. 18:31 Brandon Estoque Davis
26. 18:32.3 Joseph Albrechtson Davis
37. 18:45.4 Bradley Fry Davis
39. 18:46 Kyle Kunz Davis
40. 18:49 James Stenquist Davis
42. 18:50.8 Cade Cloward Davis
80. 20:29 Sam Calliser Davis
87. 20:55 Kevin Law Davis
88. 21:18 Devin Vance Davis
90. 21:31 Marlowe Haws Davis

1. 17 Davis
2. 46 Weber
3. 74 Fremont
4. 124 Syracuse
5. 146 Viewmont
6. 172 Clearfield

The boys varsity finished the day by placing 6 in the top 10 for another dominating performance. As is the case with each of the 4 races, if the other schools in the region were all combined against us, we would still be region champions. Seth has done an outstanding job leading us all year. He ran with a lot of determination and heart (like he always does), and it was exciting to see him earn the region championship and cap off his senior year with his 4th all region performance. Leland nearly pulled off the surprise finish by almost running down 2nd and 3rd place in the last 400 meters. It was a great effort and led the way for our 'pack' of varsity runners. Once again we had an outstanding gap for our 2-7 runners. It was also fun to watch their tremendous kicks. Great job to our seniors Seth, Leland, Derek, Carston, and Caleb for their leadership and hard work all season long. Also, good job to all seniors for inspiring your TEAM at the Tuesday night dinner. Once again, congratulations to Coach Buhrley and the Syracuse boys for their performance. We may have some good fights over the next few years.
Boys’ Varsity Results
1. 15:49 Seth Gutzwiller Davis
2. 16:27.6 Tyson Butler Layton
3. 16:27.9 Briton Page Viewmont
4. 16:28 Leland Stenquist Davis
5. 16:33 Austin Costley Syracuse
6. 16:36.0 Logan Petty Davis
7. 16:36.6 Derek Gallacher Davis
8. 16:36.8 Payden Beus Fremont
9. 16:38 Jason Thomas Davis
10. 16:39 Michael King Davis
13. 16:49 Carston Feigleson Davis
NS. 16:56 Jeff Taylor Davis
NS. 16:58.3 Joe White Davis (with a gutsy superman finish - diving over the line head first).
NS. 17:42.7 Caleb Ward Davis

1. 27 Davis
2. 69 Syracuse
3. 97 Weber
4. 130 Fremont
5. 135 Viewmont
6. 154 Northridge
7. 155 Clearfield
8. 198 Layton

We are down to the final race of the season. The State Championships. I think we are well prepared, and I like the excitement we have on the TEAM right now. I hope that everyone is getting ready for the big race. JV Runners we need your support and energy at the meet - showing we have the loudest and most intense team. Varsity runners prepare yourselves mentally and physically. Mostly be excited to meet the challenge we have in front of us. On the girls side we are the favorites, and some teams will be going after us. We want to have our best race of the year and be proud of our performance as a TEAM. On the boys side we have some big competition from Alta and American Fork (neither of them have ever won a state title). All we can do is race our best. No matter what happens I am going to be proud of you if you lay it on the line and show that you are willing to race with your hearts. They may be the more talented teams, but we are not going down without a fight, and if they are going to beat us, we are going to make them earn it. I learned last year from you guys that anything can happen at the state meet. We just have to put ourselves in the best position we can, and then be satisfied with giving our all.

Coming Up:
Wed. Oct 22nd: State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park - 3:30 Girls Varsity, 4:00 Boys Varsity. We will take a bus for ALL Team members to come.

Tuesday October 28th - TEAM Pictures - we will also turn in our uniforms

Thursday, November 6th - Team Banquet (6:00 pm) - This date is tentative. More information will come soon.

TBA: Runathon-Funathon fundraiser to help you raise money for the program and for the trip to Tempe.

Thursday - Sunday, November 20-23: Nike Team Regionals Trip - Tempe, AZ. I will send information home this week with the athletes.

Athletes of the Week:
Jeff Taylor - although he did not make it to state, he has done a great job all summer and all season at proving he can do band and cross country (I was impressed).
Curtis Carlisle - for pulling off the win and for all his hard work in getting there.
Katie Swanson - has led us all season long and ran a great race while dealing with her injury
Brooke Stromberg - finally had a race she was 'satisfied' with - great win!

Thanks for making me look so good all the time. I am priveleged and honored to be a part of this great program. I hope that those of you who are done racing feel that you have learned from the season and that you don't regret your efforts. I hope that you who are racing this next Wednesday will do so with pride as you represent all of our hard work and commitment throughout the year.
Coach Talley

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