Sunday, July 2, 2017

Davis XC Summer Update #4

Darts -
June kind of flew by, and we are already 1/3 of the way through the summer training weeks. It has been a solid start for both the boys and the girls. The TEAM is working hard, our leaders are stepping up, we have some new runners who are showing a lot of potential, and I love the energy and excitement that you are showing. Your big test is these next few weeks. Stay focused and really work hard through the middle part of the summer.
*If you haven't reported your mileage for any of the first 4 weeks - please email your training log in the next few days.

Moratorium Week (July 3-9) - We will not have any practices this upcoming week. The schedule actually showed a boys and girls run on Friday at Nichols Park, but we are not going to have that run. I encourage you to contact and meet with friends and teammates to help you stay motivated, but for the most part you are on your own--which is actually really good for you! I feel like a runner shows his or her true heart and true grit when the training is NOT mandatory - when it is your own decision and your own effort and your own inner motivation or self-discipline that gets you up early in the morning and out the door for a run. Besides, those are the most satisfying runs in my opinion. So, use this week to develop a deeper love for RUNNING.

Strength Training and Stretching - I have attached 2 files to this email. One of the files is a strength training workout. It includes a weight room option and a strength workout for days you do not have access to a weight room. We challenge you to spend 20-30 minutes two times a week, either in the weight room (or gym) or doing some strength training. We may have to explain some of the exercises at practice after this week.
The other attachment is a stretching routine that Coach Timothy does on a daily basis. He even made some really nice, artistic representations of the stretches. If you can spend 10-15 minutes a day stretching, it will make you stronger and more flexible, and it will help with recovery, soreness, and injury prevention. The best time to stretch is within 30 minutes after running, but it is still beneficial at any point of the day. Talk to Coach Timothy if you have any questions.

Cross Country Camp (July 31-August 4) - We will be sending out the cross country camp invite list and information in the next few days. I know a lot of you have been working hard and looking forward to high altitude camp this summer. We will once again be going to Marsh Lake in the Uintahs and the cost will be $135.

Kaysville 4th of July 5k or 10k - I think this is a great way to kick off your 4th of July celebrations and to get in a solid run. And it is a good time of the summer to put in a race effort. You can still register tomorrow at Bowmans (for $25) or online (for $35) - here is the link:

This Week:
Monday - 4-10 miles on your own or in small groups
Tuesday - 3-8 miles on your own or Kaysville 5k or 10k
Wednesday - 3-10 miles on your own or in small groups
Thursday - 4-12 miles on your own or in small groups
Friday - 3-8 miles on your own or in small groups
Saturday - 5-12 miles (long run) on your own or in small groups
Sunday - Rest Day

RUN IN THE MORNINGS!! THE HIGH TEMP IS SUPPOSED TO BE AROUND 100 DEGREES ALL WEEK! (Plus then you can party the rest of the day).

Happy 4th of July & Happy Running!!
Coach Talley

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