Sunday, October 30, 2016

DXC Update - State Championships

Darts -
Even on years where it does not go as we hoped, I love the Sate Cross Country Championships--the excitement, the teamwork, the challenges, and the gutsy performances. We came away with a 2nd place finish for the girls and a 3rd for the boys. Both races were stacked full of talented individuals and strong teams. I want to thank every member of the TEAM for being there and putting so much emotion and passion into the race. Our TEAM was, once again, the loudest, most excited, and most supportive team on the course. You all did a great job with the body paint and the cheering. It was fun to watch.

The girls race was a close battle with American Fork. Aubrey was our top finisher in 4th place--it was her 4th All-State finish and her 4th time finishing in the top 4. She has had an incredible cross country career at Davis, and this one was very special considering her 2 major injuries over the past year. Ally came through big for us with a very strong 6th place finish. It's Ally's 2nd all-state performance (3rd in 2014), and it was an great display of toughness and grit. Grace, Jenna, and Miah fought very hard over the final half of the race to move up to 23rd, 25th, and 27th. I thought it was fitting that these 5 seniors were our top 5 finishers on the day. They have put so much into the program, and it was awesome to see them finish with such strong performances. We also had some gutsy performances from Abi and Madeline running in their first state championships and finishing in 32nd and 33rd. They gained some valuable experience that could really help us next year.
Davis Finishers
4. Aubrey Argyle - 18:06
6. Ally Geisler - 18:16
23. Grace Neuenschwander - 19:05
25. Jenna Connell - 19:11
27. Miah Weaver - 19:14
32. Abi Waddoups - 19:20
33. Madeline English - 19:27
Team Scores
1. American Fork - 68
2. Davis - 78
3. Lone Peak - 94
4. Weber - 108
5. Fremont - 146

The boys laid it on the line, but didn't quite get the finish we hoped for. They have had an amazing season - getting wins at BYU, Murray, Bob Firman, District, and Region - all with record, or close to record, TEAM efforts. But sometimes things go your way. It's hard when they don't, but it gives us opportunity. Opportunity to be more unified. Opportunity to work harder than we have before. And opportunity to bounce back. We worked very hard to prepare for the state championships, and we were ready to have a good day. It's difficult to pinpoint why, but it happened and now we are left in a position to see how we respond. It is a test of character and teamwork, and I am very grateful that we have another race to look forward to. Matt was our top finisher of the day in 12th, and we still had a decent 1-7 spread (:32). Camren and Seth also finished top 20 with 15th and 20th respectively. These are tough boys who are going to make adjustments and come back with a lot of determination and fire at Nike Regionals. #motivation #gethungry
Davis Finishers
12. Matt Ward - 15:47
15. Camren Todd - 15:53
20. Seth Stromberg - 15:58
21. Devin Jaster - 16:01
22. Jacob Vaughan - 16:08
26. Brigham Halverson - 16:19
27. Josh Peters - 16:19
Team Scores
1. American Fork - 42
2. Lone Peak - 75
3. Davis - 85
4. Westlake - 122
5. Riverton - 124

I hope you all enjoy your Fall Break. Try hard to have a mental and physical break and come back on Monday rested and excited to work hard for Nike Regionals. I will have the next month's training schedule ready to go. If you have been invited to NXR, I am expecting commitment, energy, and focus. Everyone on the TEAM is invited to join us for that great month of training.

Important Upcoming Dates:
Friday (11/4) - 12 Hour Run Fundraiser for NXR (Tentative)
Wednesday (11/9) - Pre-NXR at Layton Park - 4:00pm (for everyone)
Thursday (11/10) - TEAM Banquet @ TBA
Saturday (11/19) - Nike Regionals

Thank you all, once again, for a great regular season. It has been fun and memorable. Keep up the good work. Keep moving forward. Keep dreaming and believing.

Coach Talley

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