Sunday, October 30, 2016

DXC Update - 10/30

Darts -
It was an awesome first week of Post-Season training. It was fun to see you all working so hard and working with so much determination. I hope you were able to rest and recover a little bit this weekend--just enough to get back at it on Tuesday. We have 2 more weeks of pretty hard work and then we'll be ready for a strong Nike Southwest Race. I did update the Vita Course All-Time list, and a HUGE congrats to all of you who joined the sub 50 and sub 63 clubs and to Aubrey Argyle for setting the girls all-time record at an incredible time of 49:58!! (

Those of you who have not been coming to practices (since State) - You should come!! I would love to see more of you at the practices for the next two weeks. We had a few die-hards who aren't going to NXR, but I would love for all of you who did XC with us this season to come to our final 2-3 weeks. At the very least, you should all be doing some running on your own. If you take the entire month of November off (and the last half of October), you are going to have a lot of re-building to do going into indoor track. Anyway, I hope you all know that you are invited and encouraged to keep running with us - even if you don't have any more cross country races this season. There is always something to work for: indoor and outdoor track and next year's cross country. The work you are doing right now (or not doing) will effect your fitness and performances through those seasons. We strongly believe that in order to reach your potential as a distance runner, it is important to train all year (with some much needed breaks in between seasons). Remember that all 9th graders can compete with us in indoor track. We hope to have our strong group of freshmen continue to build.

Uniform Turn In - Please bring your uniforms to turn in this week on Tuesday or Wednesday at practice (or drop them off after school in my classroom). We would like to collect all of the uniforms so that we can make an inventory for track. Please turn them in EVEN IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO TRACK. I will be keeping a record of those who turn in their uniforms. If you do not turn in your uniform this week, you will be fined through myDSD.

Nike Regionals - I have attached the itinerary and the waiver for Nike Regionals. All of you who are attending need to turn in your money and waiver by Friday, November 11th. The cost is $300. Checks need to be made out to "Davis County Running Club". You can use 100% of your proceeds from the 12 hour run. You will also need to make sure you are members of the USATF (Club #34-0166). More information about the USATF is on the bottom of the itinerary. Join after November 1st if you are a first time member, because it will last through all of 2017 (Simplot and NXR next year). Please let me know if you or your parents have any other questions.

12 Hour Run -
We are going to be able to use the track and the field for the 12 hour run "fundraiser" next Friday (November 4th). We will start with a small group at 1:00pm (during school) and keep the baton going until 1:00am. Everyone who wants to be involved will get to run at least 1 mile, but you can do more running with your teammates when it is their turn. We are shooting for at least 120 miles in the 12 hours (6:00 per mile). I handed out the pledge sheets and fundraising fliers at practice on Friday - and I will have them at practice this week as well. Anyone on the team is more than welcome to participate. Any proceeds raised by those not going to NXR will go into the running club budget - and are greatly appreciated!!

Grace Christiansen's Humanitarian Information -
Grace is heading to the Philippines and is looking for a few donations that she can take with her: Ties for perspective missionaries (used), Receiving Blankets (light and thin), small toys and stuffed animals (light weight), and/or cash or check donations (all money goes toward purchasing supplies for missionaries and orphans). Checks should be made out to "Type of Wood Charities, Inc". Any donations need to be turned in before November 11th. You can bring them to Grace or to my classroom. Thanks!

Alumni Update - Congrats to all of our alumni who ran in their college conference xc meets this past weekend. Ellie Child (Weber State) finished 1st in the Big Sky, Ashley Tyndall (SUU) finished 22nd in the Big Sky, Courtney Wayment (BYU) finished 14th in the West Coast (freshman of the year), Sam Hedquist (UVU) finished 29th in the WAC, Preston Johnson (Weber State) finished 45th in the Big Sky.

Athletes of the Week:
Girls - Miah Weaver (State), Jennica Robinson (Vita Course)
Boys - Matt Ward (State), Noah Stuart (Vita Course)

This Week:
Monday - Halloween Run. We are meeting at the school at 8:00am. Wear your costume (you don't have to run in it if you don't want). Or just come, ready for a nice TEAM run.
Tuesday - Mile Repeats at Lagoon Trails - 9th graders meet us at the trailhead or at the south doors by 3:15.
Wednesday - Recovery Run
Thursday - Track Workout
Friday - 12 Hour Run Fundraiser for NXR
Saturday - Long Run (6-10 miles) *Part of this can be Jacob Halverson's Eagle Project 5k (details at practice).

Important Upcoming Dates:
11/4 (Friday) - 12 Hour Run
11/9 (Wednesday) - Pre-Nike 3 mile Race at Layton Park - 4:00pm
11/10 (Thursday) - TEAM Banquet - 6:00pm @ TBA
11/11 (Friday) - Nike Southwest Money and Wavier Due
11/17-11/20 (Thursday-Sunday) - Nike Southwest Regionals.
12/6 (Tuesday) - Indoor Track Meeting

Keep up the great work. Keep the energy and motivation high. Work with purpose. Work together. And have fun!
Coach Talley.

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