Sunday, July 24, 2016

DXC Summer Update #7

Darts -
My family just got home from camping - we were in the Uintahs, prepping for some high altitude air next week. Sorry for the late email. I hope you had a great weekend and that you are enjoying some fireworks and/or family time. If you haven't yet sent in your week #7 miles, please do it tomorrow. 

I have attached the final set of workouts for the summer. It includes the suggested training for the next 5 weeks (taking us into the first week of school). For this week's update, I am using an email from last year with some of the same thoughts I was having this week...

With only 5 weeks left of summer training, I want to challenge all of you to do your best to come to the TEAM practices. I was a bit disappointed with the attendance at our runs this week. I know many of you are out of town - but some of you missed because you were in bed or you did not prioritize. These are workouts you can't make-up later and you can't get back. We will all get so much stronger if we are doing them together! If you are going to contribute to this TEAM and this amazing season we have in front of us - and if you are going to get the full effects of summer training, you have got to be at the organized TEAM workouts!! Working, sweating, hurting, and enjoying running with your TEAM, getting better together! Don't miss for lame reasons. Don't be an ordinary high school kid - I am asking for so much more out of you! Consistency is King in Distance Running.

The Basics 
Don't forget to be doing the little things (that require a lot of discipline):
Hydrate - Shoot for 80+ ounces of water and gatorade (electrolyte drinks) a day.
EAT - Make sure you are getting a lot of calories (2500-3000 or more per day). Especially important for recovery to eat something with carbs and protein within 45 minutes after you run. Iron in your diet is essential for all endurance athletes. You need fat in your diet 20-25%. Sugars are even good in moderation (to help with calorie intake). Put a lot of nutritious food in your body (breads, pastas, rice, meat, veggies, fruit, granola, nuts, etc).
Sleep - 8 hours per night plus naps when possible - another great recovery tool.
Stretch - Post run stretching will really help with recovery. Icing/Massage/Foam rollers are also beneficial.
Down Weeks - If you have had 3 weeks of pretty hard training and high mileage (or mileage increase), then make sure to have a week where you back off your mileage and your intensity by about 20%.
Abs/Core Work - I suggest you do your core routine 4-5 times per week. Here is a basic one, if you don't know these, you need to stick around after our workouts and get to know them. Try to mix it up - be creative on how much you can make it burn:
   - Crunches: 50 crunches or 45 seconds
   - Right Over Left: 25 crunches or 30 seconds
   - Left Over Right: 25 crunches or 30 seconds
   - Flutter Kicks: 100 flutters or 45 seconds
   - Scissors: 45 seconds - switching every 3-5 seconds
   - V-Ups: 10-15 reps or 45 seconds
   - Side Crunches: 25 per side or 30 seconds per side
   - Milos (Inch Worms): 20 reps or 45 seconds
   - "Russian Twists": 60 twists or 45 seconds
   - Penguins: 40 reps or 45 seconds
   - Row the Boat: 20 reps or 45 seconds
   - Hold the Boat: 30-45 seconds
   - Plank: Build up to 2:00 (or higher for some of you)
   - Side Plank: 60 seconds per side
   - Push Ups: Good ones - 2-3 sets
   - Lunges: 40-50 reps (20-25 per leg)
   - Figure 4 Stretch
   - Total Time Spent = 15-18 minutes

Eligibility - I sent an email about a week ago. Make sure you are working on that. I will enter the participation fees for payment online sometime this week (myDSD). You can also go into the office to pay those fees after Tuesday.

Dart Challenge 5k - You should ALL be planning on racing the Dart Challenge 5k on August 13th at 8:00am. It is at Barnes Park and it is our TEAM time trial (mandatory). Let me know if you are going to be out of town. It does cost $25, but includes a tech t-shirt and breakfast. All the proceeds go to the TEAM (it's a fundraiser).  

This Week - 
Monday - Vita Course at 6:30 (sorry the schedule had a typo and said 7:00)  
Tuesday - On your own or in groups
Wednesday - On your own or in groups
Thursday - Meet at the School at 7:00am - We are doing a Nichols Hollow Tempo Run
Friday - Meet at Angel Street Park at 7:00am for a distance run and Strides
Saturday - Long run on your own or in groups

Keep up the good work!
Happy Running!
- Coach Talley

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