Saturday, July 16, 2016

DXC Summer Update #6

Darts - 
We just hit the half way mark; 6 out of 12 weeks are in the books. For the most part, the TEAM has done a great job with the summer base miles. Some of you can do a better job individually, but a lot of you have really put in the work and we are developing the strength and endurance that we are going to turn into fast times in the fall. I like to think that we are building ourselves into unstoppable, invincible, tenacious, fearless running machines. The summer for a cross country runner is like the winter in Russia for Rocky. We will go into the fall ready for anything! I hope you will take your preparation seriously - even on the weeks that it is hard to fit it in. Keep doing your best!

I have attached the summer mileage totals through 5 weeks. We are on record pace for both the girls and the boys. If the girls keep it up, they could hit 24,000 miles as a TEAM. The boys could be over 40,000 for the first time ever. Those are both incredible TEAM mileage totals. Take a look at what I have down for you, and let me know if there are any errors or omissions. If you didn't turn in weeks, it is not too late to do that now. And then set a goal for your summer total and make a plan about how you are going to get there. If you are already over 300 miles in the first 6 weeks, you might set a goal for 650 or 700 miles. If you are over 225 - go for 500! If you are over 175 miles - see if you can get to 400! If you hit 100 miles in the first 6 weeks, see if you can run 150 in the 2nd half (30 miles per week). Set a goal for yourself and go get it! It will give you confidence going into the season. I also hope that you are finding a love for running - a love for the early mornings. A love for the trails and the roads. A love for your teammates. And even a love for the pain.

Speaking of goals, the girls and boys varsity groups had a meeting and we came up with some TEAM goals and some plans about how we are going to accomplish those goals. I would like everyone to commit to working on these goals as a TEAM...

Girls TEAM Goals - 
1. Region and State Champions
2. Win NXR (Nike Southwest)
3. PRs All Around
4. Be a Confident, Unified TEAM
Commitments -
1. Core Work 5x per week; Weights 2x per week; 20-30 pushups every day
2. Daily Hydration
3. Daily Fuel (get enough calories)
4. Daily Stretching (as a TEAM and individually) (1-4 are all about staying healthy and injury free).
5. "Every Second Counts" - Finish with all you have every race
6. Help each other with Confidence, Toughness, and Fearlessness
7. Push harder in workouts and races - Don't be Complacent
8. Learn the names of everyone on the TEAM. Cheer for each other at workouts and races.
9. Cool down together after workouts and races.
10. No complaining! No Whining!
11. Don't compare - Focus on your individual best and be happy with other's success.

Boys TEAM Goals - 
1. Bob Firman Champions in all 3 Races (JV, Division 1, and Elite)
2. Region Champions (JV and Varsity)
3. State Champions
4. NXR Champions (Open and Championship Race)
Commitments - 
1. TEAM comes first (workouts and races)
2. Get to know everyone on the TEAM
3. Stretching as a TEAM (post workout)
4. Be happy for the success of others
5. Core work 5x per week; Weights 2x per week; 40 pushups EVERY day
6. No Negativity - Lots of energy at practice.
7. Push each other instead of compete with each other.
8. "Leave it all on the Course"
9. Learn from Mistakes (2 positive and 1 improvement with each race)
10. Cool down as a TEAM after races and hard workouts

"I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion." - Mia Hamm
Legacy Midnight Run - A HUGE thanks to the athletes and parents who showed up to help last night. We had a good time and worked late into the night. The race director was very impressed with our group's energy and organization this year. Thanks for stepping up!!

This Week:
Monday - Vita Course at 6:30am. The theme is Bandanas, Hats, or "Crazy Hair". We are going for a time - which means I will bring bagels. If you miss this week, you can go for a time next week. (Camp money and waivers are due).
Tuesday-Wednesday - on your own or in groups
Thursday - Meet at Layton Park at 7:00am. We are going to do some mile repeats on the Region Course. 
Friday - Girls Run at 7:00am - Meet at Ally Geisler's house (480 East Burton Lane - down the small "private lane" on the south side of the road). 
Friday - Boys Run at 7:00am - Angel Street Park (West Kaysville)
Saturday - Long run on your own or in groups

I'm proud of this TEAM. We are working hard and growing stronger. Stay patient. Stay positive. And keep doing the things outside of running that will keep you healthy!

Happy Running!
Coach Talley

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