Saturday, June 6, 2015

DXC Summer - Week 1

​Darts - 
I hope you had a strong first week of summer training. We had a great turn out at the first boys and girls runs on Friday. I am as excited for this summer and cross country season as I have ever been for any season we've had. We are going to work hard, have fun, and eventually race like animals. But it all starts with the commitment to put in some work this summer. In the next 2 days, I am expecting to see an email from each of you with your first week of training. A good thing to include in your first email to me would be your summer mileage total goal. Remember that you have 12 weeks to reach the goal. I want you each to set a goal that you can handle depending on your running experience, and then try to stay close to the miles per week that you will need for the goal - you might find in the later weeks that you are able to do more. 250 miles (21 miles/week); 300 miles (25/week); 400 miles (33.3/week); 500 miles (41.6/week); 600 miles (50/week); 700 miles (58/week). If you would like to see last year's totals, I will email those out next week. 

With each email this summer, I will choose 1-2 topics and go in depth about those topics (I've been known to write some long ones). For this week, I wanted to address a few general summer mileage questions. . . 

Running on Vacation: Everyone spends time during the summer on family vacations, youth conference, EFY, scout camps, girls camps, etc. It is sometimes hard to get your miles in for the week. I will always ask you to do your best. You might have to get creative on vacation (loops around your hotel or campground), but do the best you can. If you absolutely can't run, don't stress it too much - just do your best (Don't fight with your parents or youth leaders over it but let them know it's important to you). You can usually fit in 10-15 minutes of core work before you go to bed no matter where you are. If that is all you get, I will let you count it as a mile for the day. Sometimes running on vacation can give you a great adventure :) 

Listen to your Body: Don't get too caught up in your numbers. It is still extremely important to listen to your body when it is telling you to back off or to take a few days easy. Be smart about your training. You may need to cross train a little at times. If you are ever feeling run down or really tired from your running, focus on your rest and your eating. You have to fuel your body with enough calories and good nutrition. Most fatigue and injury issues can be prevented or fixed with proper rest and fuel (nutrition). Eating and sleeping and stretching become just as important as your actual running. Live HEALTHY = Run HEALTHY. 

Cross Training: Use cross training for additional cardio strength or if you are injured or need a few days off running to prevent injury. You can count cross training for summer miles. For biking you can count 9-12 minutes = 1 mile (depending on effort) - or about 3 miles biking = 1 mile running. With Swimming you can count 9-12 minutes = 1 mile (depending on effort) - or about 1 swimming mile = 3 running miles. If you play soccer and do a bunch of running in a practice, you can count some miles - but you will have to estimate the worth of a practice (I would think 3-4 miles for a game or one hour practice with a lot of conditioning - unless you play goalie). 

Goals/Purpose of Summer Training: Build a base of strength and endurance to help us prepare for the cross country season. A huge part of this is staying healthy. I want you to end the summer in good health and a good base, ready to go mentally and physically, NOT burnt out from too much work through the summer. 

Upcoming Week:
Monday, 6/8 - Vita Course at 7:00am. We will be going for a beginning time for those who are ready for the full run. 
Wednesday, 6/10 - Boys Run/Girls Run 7:00am - details TBA (changed from Friday to Wednesday). 
Thursday, 6/11 - Meet at Davis at 7:00am for a TEAM run. 

I will say it many times this summer. Stay patient with yourself. If it gets hard, DON'T GIVE UP! Be positive and build with consistency.
Have a great weekend. See you on Monday!
Coach Talley

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