Sunday, December 21, 2014

2015 Cross Country Camp

Darts -
I have had a few people asking about the 2015 cross country camp. We are planning on going to Marsh Lake (in the Uintahs). Right now I am hoping to get the campground for August 3-7 (a week later than the past few years).
We are going to stick with the first week in August for this year unless a bunch of you won't be able to attend that week. Please let me know if this week is going to have conflicts. I already know of a few conflicts for July 27-31, and I am hoping to go with the week that works best for MOST of you.

In the meantime, I hope you are excited for another great year in front of us - Indoor, Outdoor, and Cross Country. I always feel like the new year is a good time to get back to a few basics with running:
1. Hard Work - put in the mileage, do your core work, prepare for the intervals and hard workouts, and give your best effort daily. You can even do some extra miles through morning runs and/or cross training.
2. Healthy Living - Eat enough calories, Get the right nutrition, Hydrate, Get enough sleep.
3. Positive Thinking - Realize running has ups and downs, and it is especially important to stay positive and patient through the hard times. You are going to have days where you feel great and days where you feel not so great - stay positive through it all, and help others do the same.
4. Love Running - Find a love for running and be grateful for your opportunities and your TEAM. Come to practice each day with a love for what we are doing. You have to find a way to love even the hard stuff (especially the hard stuff).

Coach Talley

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