Sunday, July 27, 2014

DXC Summer Update - Week 8

Darts - 
Great job on another solid week. The Vita Course hills were very solid on Monday - I promise my goal was not to kill any of you, just to make you stronger and fearless. The 800s at Barnes Park on Wednesday were very impressive - I was especially happy with the TEAMwork I saw. And the run/circuit workout on Friday was also very good - I hope that you weren't too sore (but at least a little sore). 
We also had a group run the Deseret News 10k on Thursday. We were well represented - finishing 1st in the boys high school division and 3rd in the girls. However, they only scored the top 3 runners, and if they would have scored 4 or even 5 (like most cross country races), our boys would have won by a landslide and our girls would have also won in demanding fashion. We were led by a very fast 31:42 by Josh Ward (good enough for top high schooler) and 32:25 by Colton Rimann (good enough for #2 high schooler) on the boys side. Aubrey Argyle led the girls with a time of 37:41 (#3 high school division), and Tatum Beard also dipped under 40 with a time of 39:34. You can see the full high school results at 

Just a few quick items this week. . . 

For those not going to xc camp: Make sure to work hard this week - maybe a little harder than you normally would. The schedule has you running the following:
Monday: 5-8 miles (maybe Vita if you can get up there). 
Tuesday: 10 x 400m repeats (or about :90) up a hill - the hill in front of Nichols Park is a good one for that.
Wednesday: 3-6 miles + 6 x 100m strides
Thursday: 3 mile tempo run (fast pace) + 6 x :60 on the grass somewhere.
Friday: 3-6 miles easy
Saturday: 6-10 miles
*I know it will be a little harder because you are on your own this week - but try to dig deep and really have a solid week of training. If you need to adjust the workouts slightly (because of vacation/girls camp/etc), that is okay - just do your best. If you wish you were going to camp, but didn't get the opportunity to, there is really only one positive way to approach that - use it as motivation to work harder for future opportunities.

For those going to xc camp: Please make sure you read the email about camp I sent on Wednesday.
- Don't forget your 7 Peaks pass (or pass of all passes), or bring $25 to get in the park.
- Don't forget your swimsuit and a towel.
- We are meeting at the school at 8:00am - heading to Granite Flats in AF Canyon.
- If you haven't brought your waiver or money - please bring it to me in the morning. 
- Come with a positive, friendly, helpful attitude - excited for some work and excited to make some new friends. The running will be challenging, but you are all ready for it.
- Let me know if you have last minute questions.

Spencer Update: I know a lot of you have been worried about Brad's son (Spencer). He has been in Primary Children's Hospital for 9 days now with a bone infection called Osteomyelitis. He has now had 4 surgeries to drain the bone. When I talked to him yesterday, he was pretty sure they won't need any more surgeries, and that Spencer would get out on Tuesday. It seems to me that Spencer has been a real trooper through the entire ordeal. He is smiling as much as he can and staying very positive despite the pain and the long hospital stay. I am predicting right now that Spence is going to be one of the toughest runners ever someday. We will do something at camp to wish him a speedy recovery.

Dart Challenge 5k: Will be August 16th at 8:00am at Barnes Park. I would like for you to consider it your first race. Everyone should plan on running (if you are in town). We use it as a fundraiser, so try to encourage other people to register as well (family members, neighbors, friends). I have attached this year's registration form to this email.

Eligibility: Please refer to the email I sent earlier this week, and PLEASE register yourself on ASAP (everyone needs to do this). We will be working hard to get all the eligibility done quickly when we get back from camp.  

That's about all. Send me your miles for week 8 before we leave for camp if you can (even if it is a very short email). 
Happy Running, 
Coach Talley

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