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DXC Summer Update - Week 7

Darts - 
I didn't spend too much time last week talking about being half way through the summer. We are now through 7 of our 12 weeks, and they keep flying by. I have attached the schedule for the final 5 weeks of summer training to this email - I hope you will all print it off and refer to it each day. Spend some time over the next few days analyzing how well you have done with the first half of the summer. I think that many of you have done an amazing job - emailing me each week, coming to the TEAM runs, and really trying to build a solid base. But we can all find things we can do to improve. Ask yourself a few questions - Did you run as many days as you should have? Is your heart in it? Are you running each day with purpose and with focus on what you can to do get better? Have you had days you missed running because you were lazy? What can you do better over the next 5 weeks? If you are not motivated - get yourself motivated!!
After 6 weeks, the girls are killing it on TEAM mileage. We ran just over 9,000 miles in the first half of summer - the overall TEAM record is 14,376 (2013). We have a lot of girls on pace to hit 400 miles - and a few girls just behind that pace. If you were 170 miles or more for the first 6 weeks - you should be going after that total goal of 400 miles. 
The boys are also on record pace. We have logged over 15,000 miles in the first half of the summer - the all-time record is 26,675 (2013). If we get after the next 6 weeks, we can have more boys over 500 and over 400 than ever. 

The "Little Things": We are doing a pretty good job on the mileage, but there are other things that can help you to improve as a runner and things that can keep you healthy. When we talk about the little things, we are referring to nutrition, sleep, stretching, core work, and strength training. With nutrition, I have said it many times - but it is very important to make sure that you are getting enough calories (2500-3000) and that you are getting them in healthy foods (carbs, protein, some fats, a lot of fruits and vegetables, avoiding excess sugar). It is also important to eat within 45 minutes of running. Sleep can be overlooked sometimes in the summer, but it is a crucial component of your recovery and energy. Try to get 8 hours per night (which means going to bed earlier than you may want to in the summer). Stretching after you run can also really assist in recovery and can be a huge benefit when it comes to injury prevention. Flexibility can also make you faster. Try to spend 15-20 minutes stretching after you run. I would like to see you doing some core work about 4 times per week - it can be the ab routine that we do as a TEAM, or other exercises that you know. Try to get really good at planks and push ups by the end of the summer. Your core strength can really make a difference in cross country endurance and in injury prevention. And finally, I know we don't give you much time in the weight room during the summer, but there are many things you can do on your own without weights to improve your strength - push ups, calf raises, lunges, prisoner squats (no weight), and other exercises. 

Dart Challenge 5k: Will be on Saturday, August 16th. All of you are expected to race - all the proceeds benefit the TEAM. The cost is $20. I also expect everyone to try to get family members and friends and neighbors to come and race. There will be family discounts (4 or more registered). It's a good race, and the race t-shirts and breakfast are worth the $20. Let me know if the cost is an issue - I don't want anyone missing because of the money. It is a great way for us to judge our progress at the end of the summer. 

Cross Country Camp: Don't forget to turn in your waiver, money, and physical form at Vita on Monday (or late at Barnes Park on Wednesday). Checks are made out to 'Davis County Running Club'. If you don't have your physical yet - just get it as soon as possible. I will accept a copy of a physical that was completed in the spring. There will be another email coming soon (probably Monday) with some final details about camp - including what needs we have left for drivers. PLEASE let me know if you or your parents have any questions or concerns. Thanks.

Assignment: As we are over half way through the summer training program, I would like each of you to evaluate how you did in the first 7 weeks. In your training log this week - or next week - I want you to tell me something about your own running that makes you proud. Something you have accomplished or some kind of personal victory that you feel you have achieved in the first 7 weeks. I hope you all realize that we are working together - that we are hurting together and sacrificing together in order to be a stronger TEAM when the season comes. I may not really count as a member of the TEAM (I don't score in races), but I can tell you that I am very motivated by each of you and by your desire to be better and work harder. And it really motivates me to know that I have teammates who are working hard right along with me, and that we can accomplish some great things together.

This Week: We are meeting on Mon-Wed-Fri
Monday - Vita Course, 7:00am. We will be doing hill repeats at the Adams Canyon Hill
Tuesday - 4-10 miles on your own.
Wednesday - Meet at Barnes Park in West Kaysville - 7:00am.
Thursday - Either Deseret News 10k or 6-8 miles on your own.
Friday - Meet at the school at 7:00am. 
Saturday - 6-12 miles on your own.

This past week was awesome. We have another great week in front of us. Have fun with your running. Challenge yourself to do better and to be even stronger. I love what I am seeing from this TEAM.  
Keep up the great work!
Coach Talley

Brad's Corner:
It's been a tough week. We've been in and out of doctor's offices with our son Spencer, so not that great of a week.  I ended intervals early on Tuesday and didn't even run Wednesday or Thursday. I was exhausted and stressed. Thursday, after a sleepless night, we took him to Primary Children's ER because his arm was in excruciating pain. Eventually he had surgery on his arm for a bone infection.
It was extremely hard to listen to our mellow, sweet boy Spencer screaming out in pain. The infection was so bad it was literally coming through his bone. Eventually they drilled into the bone to drain it.

Almost 20 years ago, I spent many months at the U of U hospital after a car wreck (Some of you know about it. Some of you don't.) I remember seeing runners and bikers on the trail behind the hospital. Not being able to walk at the time I remember longing to run on that trail.
I was extremely uptight today and knew The only way I'd feel better is if I could run. I decided I would run the trail behind the U of U hospital. I am amazed it has taken me so long to actually do it. (Bonneville Shoreline/ Red Butte Trail) It was 97 degrees and I had no shade. The trail was rockier than I like, but as I ran above the hospital I had a strong feeling of gratitude that I can run. It was nice running and looking down at the courtyard I sat so many years ago wanting to do nothing more than run (And maybe kiss more girls). And even though our son is in the hospital I know in the scheme of things we are very lucky. In the same hospital he is in, there are children fighting cancer. While even though he has a tough recovery and will be on antibiotics for months, we are pretty sure he will be fine. He may miss his first Jr. High XC season, but he can still run. And all in all he is a healthy boy.
I know, from experience, that when it is gone there is nothing you want more than your health and ability to run. You would give up nearly everything to have it back.
This season, I urge all of you to take advantage of this opportunity in front of you. The opportunity to be a part of the best Cross Country program in the Country. And even better, the opportunity to become the best runner you can be. I found when you are looking at never running again you don't wish you can win more medals. All you wish is that you can get out the door to run. You would kill to do a long run or even intervals.
Everyone on this team has that opportunity. So be the best runner you can be. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity you have in front of you. Give it all you've got. You will not regret it. 

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