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DXC Summer Update - Week 4

Darts -
We are 4 weeks into the summer training (1/3 of the way). For most of you, it has been a strong start - but we are now entering the middle summer months where finding the motivation (and sometimes the time) to run can be more challenging (but also more rewarding). I issue a challenge to all of you - that your middle 4 months are as strong or stronger than your first 4 months. It will be hard, and you are going to have to dig deep (some of you have to really step up your game), but it is very crucial to our season's success that you stay excited and stay focused through the next 4 weeks of summer. I was going to send out an entire email about motivation, but it would make this a novel, so you are going to have to wait until next week for the motivation email. This week's email is mostly a summary of the Wasatch Back Relay . . .  

Wasatch Back Relay - Many runners on the TEAM ran in the relay this past weekend. It is a 12 person, 197 mile, relay race from Logan to Park City along the back of the Wasatch Mountains. It can be a grueling test of physical and mental toughness. We were well represented among family teams and the 3 teams representing Davis Cross Country. 
Our boys team finished 2nd overall in 20:46.39 - it is a new Davis record pace (6:19 per mile) and the highest finish we have had in the 7 years since they have had a high school division. Our previous best average was 6:24 in 2011 - and we have finished 3rd place each of the past 3 years. I wish I could give a more detailed report of the boys race, but I was driving for the girls TEAM. I do know that each of the boys ran tough and ran very fast. And I did get to see Josh Ward come flying by us in the middle of the night running about 5:15 mile pace. Our boys finished 75 minutes ahead of the next closest high school team (Timpanogos). Our current boys are a group of strong, determined young men who know how to race and work together as a TEAM. It was a great first test of our summer xc program. Thanks to Caleb Ward, Anthony Peters, and Alex "Schooch" White for driving and navigating. And great job to the TEAM - Logan MacKay, Daniel Tumblin, Bryce Ferguson, Brandon Peters, Colter Blanchard, Solomon Twitchell, Skylar Williams, Britton Porter, Colton Rimann, Josh Ward, Kimball Potter, and Mitch Perry. 
The girls team finished in 24:46:13 - which is also a new Davis record pace (7:32 per mile) - and we were the fastest all-female team in the entire race. Our previous best pace was 7:43 (2013) and we have finished 1st one time before (2008). The 2nd place women's team was a group of Weber State alumni runners (with my wife on the team) who finished only 75 seconds back, and provided a great challenge to the girls throughout the race. The next closest high school girls team was almost 5 hours behind us (Timpanogos girls). Our girls were the 11th fastest team of all of the 969 teams that finished the relay (the 10th fastest team was the Syracuse High boys team who beat us by 30 seconds). Our girls also beat 5 of the 9 high school boys teams and 15 of the 16 high school mixed teams (boys and girls). I was lucky to spend the 24 hours with the girls and witness one of the toughest TEAM performances I have ever seen. It was inspiring to see them run with so much heart and TEAM unity. A special thanks to Brad Albrechtsen in his 4th year as a driver and to Coach Timothy for helping me with the driving and navigating. Great job to our girls - Josey Hedquist, Tatum Beard, Hannah Albrechtsen, Grace Neuenschwander, Kenzie Weir, Taylor Cox, Sam Hedquist, Miah Weaver, Aubrey Argyle, Ashley Tyndall, and Ally Geisler. And also awesome job to our guest runner, Courtney Wayment from Northridge, who will always be an honorary DXC member and who ran speedy fast and showed how gutsy she is. Also, great job to my wife's team :)
Our mixed team finished the race in 28:40.12 - to place 26th of the 795 mixed teams. We got to see them a few times throughout the race and they were always so positive and determined. Great job to Nicole Wood, Kaity Datwyler, Sydney Zaugg, Alex Tanner, Amber Berry, Emily Berry, Jaron Erickson, Kelton Johnson, Jake Gipson, Caleb Gipson, Jason Lang, and Adam Aposhian. And thanks to Juston Gipson and Scott Tanner for driving -- and Juston for organizing the group. 

Nichols Park Trail Service Opportunity - For everyone who can, we are meeting at the Nichols Park Pavilion (by the castle playground) at 9:30 on Monday morning (tomorrow) after we run at the vita course. We will be helping clear the way for the path that we will end up utilizing quite a bit in the coming years. It is recommended that you wear long pants (and maybe even long sleeve shirts) and work gloves. Bring a water bottle. We will be working for about 2 hours. I know this is late notice - but any parents who would like to come are also invited to help - and if ANYONE has a chain saw or an ATV that can pull a trailer - we are looking for both of those items to help us clear out some of the debris. Thanks.

This Week:
Monday - Meet at the Vita Course at 7:00am
Tuesday - On your own (4-10 miles)
Wednesday - Meet at Layton Park at 7:00am - We meet at the pavilion close to the goofy statue - directly west of the Layton High track.  
Thursday - On your own (4-10 miles)
Friday - On your own - if you want to run the Kaysville 4th of July 5k or 10k - here is the registration link: - the cost is $30 online (closes Wednesday at 6:00pm) and $35 on the morning of the race. Both races start at 7:30am at Davis High on Friday. 
Saturday - On your own (5-10 miles)
*Holidays are sometimes the most challenging days to get a run in - try to schedule time for it (even if you have to get up early in the morning). 

It is a pleasure to be connected with this program. I love being at things like Ragnar and hearing all of the nice things (and sometimes jealous statements) that people have to say about Davis Cross Country. Continue to represent in all that you do! Continue to work hard for the challenges we will face in the upcoming months. Thank you for putting so much HEART into what we do. 
- Coach Talley

ps. Send me your miles :) I will be sending out the first 4 week report early this week, and I will be making Cross Country Camp Invites early this week as well. 

Brad's Corner:
It was field day at Morgan Middle School. I was running the mile. I was wearing cargo shorts and a fresh pair of Air Jordan 5's. The gun went off and I took off with my J's beneath my feet. I tried not to smile at Camie Mead and Haylie Hansen as I cruised by the stands...though I did sneak a peek. I was feeling good cruising around the eroding track with basketball shoes cutting through the wind. I cruised in for the win and a pretty good time.
When I got home I told my Dad. He said: "We should get you in some racing flats and see how fast you can run." It was at that time that I thought: "He doesn't realize how light Air Jordan's are. I mean come on... AIR! " (FYI they weighed about 25 ounces. Racing flats: 7 ounces) It's not even close. I would run so much faster in racing flats.
My dad was my high school coach. I learned to trust him. He had years of running and racing experience, and knew how to coach. And even though I knew the freshest kicks, I had to trust his experience. There were many times I doubted his advice. But I still did what he said.  By doing this it helped me become the best runner I could be.
Trust your coaches. Even though you may know all of the words to the newest One Direction song. We know running. It will behoove you to pay attention.

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Anthony Peters said...

DXC Boys race from the perspective of Van 1 -

This was my first time driving for RAGNAR and after this experience I truly hope that it won't be my last. I had a great time with the boys of Van 1 (Logan, Brandon, Daniel, Bryce, Coulter and Solomon) They all gave 100% and were true competitors.

We started the race in a pouring rain at USU and by the time we hit our first exchange with Van 2 in Liberty we were all soaking wet and pretty muddy. Our boys ran strong and smart. With each leg they all seemed to run faster and faster. I think that many of them logged their fastest times on their last legs of the race.

Besides being incredibly fast on the course, they showed true character and heart as people. Always ready to jump in and help, always cheering on their competition, and anxiously looking for their team-mates from the girls and combined teams to cheer them as well. I never had to remind them that they represented DXC. They represented just fine on their own. To be honest, every single exchange we came into, nearly everybody there knew who we were and what we were about, and cheered on the boys enthusiastically. Next to BYU's team, I think that we were the most recognized group in the race.

I can't say enough good about the six boys in my van. Logan was a rock, solid in every way. Coulter could always be counted on to establish a blistering pace. Daniel kept us all laughing and ran like an animal. Solomon didn't talk much, but his feet spoke volumes (especially on leg 18 up to East Canyon State Park) What a beast!

The most inspiring leg's for me were legs 27 and 28. Coming into leg 27, Bryce was not feeling well (he'd been struggling with stomach pains all night) and was doubting if he was going to make it the 7.7 miles of his leg. The boys rallied around him and they prayed together for him. This encouraged Bryce and as it came time for him to run, he was feeling pretty good. I'll admit that I was pretty anxious as I waited for him at the top of the Jordanelle Overlook with Brandon to take the hand-off. Bryce came flying into the exchange several minutes ahead of schedule and the smile on his face said it all. HE FELT GREAT! He was ready to run again. When Brandon took the wrist band he was determined to use the hill and really gain some momentum. When we drove past him on the downhill, I couldn't tell if it was his red hair, or flames coming off his head from the speed, but he was soaring. At the exchange in Midway, we thought we had about 15 minutes before Brandon would get there. 10 minutes later we saw him blazing across the field...he logged three or four kills just in that last 200 yards!

Even though these were their last legs, they all wanted to run again.

In every single exchange I felt like I had to hurry to get our boys in position because I knew that at the speed that they were running, they might beat us to the exchange. In fact we hardly slept in Oakley because Van 2 got there so fast.

I had many people ask me if I was the coach at Davis and I had to humbly reply that I was not, but that I was just a very happy and proud dad. Many people expressed their 'jealousy' at the quality of the Davis program. I kept telling them that we were fortunate to have such a great coach. One parent said to me "It's not just the coach, you have such talented kids and such amazingly supportive parents" I couldn't argue with them.

Now, I need to take a nap and air out my van...something in there smells really bad.

Tony Peters - Driver Van 1