Saturday, June 14, 2014

DXC Summer Update - Week 2

Darts - 
We are off to a strong start this summer. I love the excitement and the positive attitude that I am getting from so many of you in your emails. Our returners are getting after it with purpose, and I like the determination and bravery I am seeing from our new runners. At the end of week 1 - when all the mileage was sent in - we had our best start ever for both the boys and the girls. The boys started with 2298 miles (old record was 2260), and the girls started with 1436 miles (old record was 1300). I will send out the mileage every 3 weeks so you can see your progress and the progress of the TEAM. We will have a special prize this year for all boys over 500 miles and all girls over 400 miles. We also had a strong showing at Vita Course with 7 boys and 12 girls joining the sub 50/sub 63 club.

Kick-off Camp: I hope that those of you who were able to come to kick-off camp had a good time. I felt like the running was solid, and it was a good opportunity to get to know each other. If you weren't able to come this time - there will be many more opportunities for hard running and TEAM bonding. 
For those of you who missed, I talked about the core beliefs of Davis XC, our TEAM goals, and what is going to help us reach those goals. In a nutshell: 1) Hard Work (summer miles, consistency, being passionate, and running with purpose). 2) TEAM unity (putting the TEAM first, racing and training with your teammates, pushing each other to be better, always having a positive attitude, and everyone making a difference). 3) Toughness (having "No Fear", looking for ways to challenge yourself, and bouncing back from rough days or rough weeks or other challenges). 4) Humility (we have to work for our goals - it is not going to happen just because we were good last year, we have to stay hungry). Brad talked about enjoying the journey and about running like a champion no matter how fast you are or what position you are on the TEAM - he emphasized that everyone can make the person in front of them better and that it starts at the bottom and works right up to the top. We have some great times in front of us. Keep your excitement high and your commitment strong!
A real quick thanks to all parents who helped drive kids up and back, and a HUGE thanks to the Tanners, Coxes, Bekki Argyle, and Jen Beard for helping with dinner and breakfast. The parents on this TEAM rock! 

There was a cool article in Running Times on Josh Ward ("Iceman"). He just gets tougher and tougher. We have such a cool TEAM and some great examples - 

This Week:
Monday - Vita Course at 7:00am (4-10 miles)
Tuesday - Meet at Davis at 7:00am (4-8 miles)
Wednesday - On your own (3-8 miles)
Thursday - Meet at Davis at 7:00am or the Lagoon Trails at 7:15 (north entrance). We are going to drive over to the Lagoon Trails for a workout (push run or tempo run).
Friday - Girls Run - TBA
Friday - Boys Run - TBA
Saturday - On your own (5-10 miles)

Send in your mileage if you haven't already :)
Make week #3 great!
Have a great Father's Day.
Happy Running - 
Coach Talley

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Brad's Corner (Inspirational and Educational - the best thoughts ever presented in email):
I think running heroes are very important. I had many running heroes when I ran in High School. Ed Eyestone, Todd Williams, Billy Mills, Bob Kennedy, Moses Kiptanui to name a few. I loved reading about them. Watching them race and seeing what made them so great. It helped give me direction and goals. It showed me how to work hard to be the best. Whenever I saw Ed Eyestone run by my house in Morgan it was like seeing Harry from One Direction run by. I was star struck. I learned a lot about hard work, toughness and race strategy from having running heroes. With so many amazing distance runners right now, many that we meet at NXN, you should all find a favorite.

I emailed Todd Williams, who was an Olympian and my hero. Actually, he is why I started wearing Adidas. I asked him for advice he had for High School  runners:

"My biggest piece of advice is to believe and follow it up with the will to work for it! To be great at anything you have to separate yourself from the pack by consistent hard work over the long haul.... No quick way to success!" Todd Williams

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