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DXC Update - NXN Southwest

Darts - 
I am a little late getting this done, but I wanted to send out a quick write-up for the NXN Southwest trip. We had a very strong month of training after the state meet, and it paid off for us with our performances in Casa Grande last Saturday.  I was proud of the way you behaved on the trip - it was fun, but we were still there for business. You were very fun to travel with. Mike the bus driver wanted me to pass on a few words: "Those kids were simply the best. Please let them know I love each and everyone of them, and I hope to see you all next year. I wish you the very best on the 6th. Thanks for the gratuity, for the note, and thank you so much for all the fun. Let's do it again." We will request him for next year.

We went down to Arizona with a few goals. One of the goals was to have as many PRs as we could. We ended up with 43 new 5k PRs out of the 55 of you who raced, and a few more who were really close (within a few seconds). Our young athletes are really progressing and things look good for the future as well. Another goal was the qualify both TEAMs for NXN. The boys finished 2nd and got an automatic invite. It was one of our best performances ever as a Davis program (I would probably rank it #2 behind the time we finished 3rd at NXN finals). The girls finished 3rd and are being considered as an at-large team (22 total teams make it - 18 automatic and 4 at-large). The girls have been through a lot this season. We are learning and growing from our ups and downs, and we are continually getting stronger and gaining valuable experience. For us to be in a spot to make it back to NXN after graduating 7 of our top 9 girls from a year ago is remarkable. We will find out on Saturday night if the girls got in - so keep your fingers crossed. If we get the at-large, I know the girls will make it worth it. I predict we will be the fastest at-large team at the nationals. 

The girls open race got us started off strong. We finished a very solid 6th out of 46 teams (most of them varsity teams). Basically, it was a very competitive race, and we were only beat by 1 other JV team. Tiahna Cipriano led the way for us with 19:18 and a very fast final mile. 
29. Tiahna Cipriano 19:18
76. Sarah Waddoups 19:47
120. Sydnee Rayl 20:08
150. Emmaline Huntzinger 20:21
151. Jenna Connell 20:21
154. Madeline English 20:23
182. Rachel Johnson 20:33
207. Nicole Wood 20:43
232. Hannah Naylor 20:53
252. Sydney Zaugg 21:00
273. Sara Williams 21:11
287. Sophie Cottrell 21:18
303. Ally Smith 21:24
323. Amber Berry 21:39
342. Malaree Wood 21:49
344. Kaitlyn Datwyler 21:51
348. Rachel Clouse 21:55
369. Alex Tanner 22:09
*575 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. 115 Wings of America (Varsity)
2. 164 Pikes Peak (Varsity)
3. 174 TR Trail Running (Varsity)
4. 189 Pine View (Varsity)
5. 196 Desert Vista (JV)
6. 279 Davis (JV)
7. 290 Bonneville (Varsity)

The boys open race showed our depth as we finished 4th out of  65 teams. I have to admit, I was a little shocked to see that the winning team in open race was also a JV squad - even though there were only 2 JV teams in the top 15. Maybe we would end up 2nd at JV nationals. It would be a good goal to work a little harder to race as a TEAM with our JV group. We were not head to head with them, and that might have made a difference. Even still, we had 6 JV boys under 17:00 and 18 under 17:30. We were led by a killer race from sophomore, Josh Peters with 16:16. 
23. Josh Peters 16:16
44. Matt Ward 16:29
60. Britton Porter 16:34
70. Mitch Perry 16:38
151. Daniel Tumblin 16:58
153. Bryce Ferguson 16:58
166. Josh Christiansen 17:02
170. Zach Wilde 17:03
178. Lance Ford 17:05
186. McKay Treadwell 17:06
206. Dallin Larsen 17:11
225. Solomon Twitchell 17:17
226. Brigham Halverson 17:18
234. Daniel Harris 17:19
249. Brandon Peters 17:22
271. Jason Boyd 17:26
282. Adam Aposhian 17:27
299. Jason Boyd 17:30
320. Jackson Rayl 17:35
373. Zach Moncur 17:51
388. Adam Hedquist 17:54
389. Kelton Johnson 17:54
428. Jacob Vaughan 18:06
552. Nate Hales 18:50
566. Nathaniel Neubert 19:00
*742 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. 154 Vista Nation (JV)
2. 193 Orem (Varsity)
3. 199 Provo (Varsity)
4. 240 Davis (JV)
5. 256 Cheyenne Mountain (Varsity)
6. 259 Pine View (Varsity)

The Boys Championship Race was our best varsity performance so far this season. We ran smart and strong and together! We finished 2nd to American Fork by only 3 points - and 74 points ahead of 3rd place. It gives us some good momentum going into Nationals. Josh Ward came through big for us with a strong final mile. Camren Todd was our MVP with a great 4th place finish on the TEAM and 9th fastest sophomore time in the race. 
13. Josh Ward 15:16
17. Stokton Smith 15:20
20. Logan MacKay 15:24
40. Camren Todd 15:38
43. Colton Rimann 15:39
110. Frasier Williamson 16:13
141. Colter Blanchard 16:25
Team Scores
1. 72 American Fork
2. 75 Davis
3. 149 Timpanogos
4. 189 Desert Hills
5. 228 Vista Nation
6. 237 Ogden

The Championship Girls race was very competitive. It may not have gone quite like we would have hoped, but we are a TEAM of fighters, and we held strong in the race (even with the challenges) - enough to keep us hopeful for an at-large bid and a shot at Nationals where we can prove we are even stronger than this. We were led once again by Aubrey Argyle with an 11th place finish. Also congrats to Courtney Wayment (friend of the TEAM) with her 6th place finish and individual qualifying race.
11. Aubrey Argyle 17:45
47. Miah Weaver 18:40
62. Sam Hedquist 18:52
76. Josey Hedquist 19:00
97. Grace Neuenschwander 19:11
127. Ally Geisler 19:32
154. Tatum Beard 19:55
Team Scores
1. 118 American Fork
2. 122 Desert Vista
3. 145 Davis
4. 155 Monarch
5. 158 Fort Collins
6. 251 Vista Nation

A few quick things:
- I have a few lost and found items in my classroom if you left something on the trip. 
- I need to collect all the uniforms you used. Could you PLEASE bring them by my classroom on Monday or Tuesday? Thanks.
- I will try to get pictures on Facebook on Friday when I am back from some Thanksgiving stuff.

What's Next? I know that some of you are probably already having running withdrawals, and some of you might really be enjoying your little break. It is important, both physically and mentally, to give yourself rest. I don't think you should do any running the rest of this week, unless you are in a Turkey Trot or something (that's fine). Next week should be different for everyone, depending on how you are feeling. I would recommend running 3 days next week. Always easy - maybe 3-6 miles each time. Tuesday, December 9th will be our indoor meeting, and from there out we will be training as a TEAM again after school, and we will start building a strong base for the indoor and outdoor track seasons. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

I want to sincerely thank each of you for your sacrifices this season. I want to thank you for working hard, for trusting the program, for showing up with positive attitudes, for making things fun, for making lasting friendships, for racing with all your heart, and for making this a legendary year. I also want to thank your parents for giving you all the time to do these things.

Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!! Be grateful for all you have :)
Coach Talley

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