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DXC Update - Region Champs

Darts - 
It was a great week for DXC once again. We brought home 2 region titles, we were able to get some solid training in, and we are looking healthy and strong and prepared for the state championships. It is just about the best time of year to be a distance runner - in the heart of the cross country season with the crisp fall weather to run in on a daily basis. 

Region Championships - I was so proud of the TEAM performance at Layton Park last Monday. We ran strong in all 4 races, and we had some of our best individual and TEAM races of the season. The full results can be seen on the blog ( 
The JV girls started us out very strong with a 1-10 sweep. We were led by a great race from Chelsey Johnson who has been patient and determined through her stress fracture recovery. Her time of 19:27 was a region JV record (for as far back as I could find in the results). It would have placed her 15th in the varsity race, and she would have been the number 1 runner on 4 of the 7 teams. Chelsey was followed closely by Sam Hedquist with 19:30. 
The JV boys also looked solid as we put a record number of boys under 18:00 (25 with varsity and JV combined). We ended with a perfect score (1-5) and 15 of the top 20 runners. Our top 5 JV boys finished within :06 of each other. Daniel Tumblin was the individual champ in 16:49 and was followed by Britton Porter, Brandon Peters, Frasier Williamson, and Cameron Todd. All 5 of those boys will be coming back next season. If they had been in the varsity race, they would have almost qualified for state by finishing in the top 4 teams. 
The Varsity Girls continued to show tremendous strength. By the time they were racing, the course was getting pretty muddy and sloppy. I think that the course was running 10-15 seconds slower than it would have if the ground were dry. Our girls did not let it bother them much as we had our top 8 runners in the top 10 of the race. We were led by Aubrey Argyle who made a strong move with 1/2 mile to go and didn't look back. She is the first freshman to win the region championships, and she is only the 3rd girl to ever run under 18:00 (Ellie and Shea were the first 2 a year ago). Taylor Cox and Ashley Tyndall also ran very strong and set the pace for us most of the way. They finished 4-5 in 18:20 and 18:23. Kenzie Weir (6th), Aimee Vance (7th), Sierra Graham (8th), Ally Geisler (9th), and Hannah Albrechtsen (10th) rounded out the top 10. Grace Neuenschwander and Josey Hedquist also ran tough finishing 12th and 13th. 
The Varsity Boys finished the day for us with a 23 point effort to win by 27 points over 2nd place Weber. We ran a smart, patient race - and really emerged as the leaders over the final mile of the race. Skylar Williams wrapped up an incredible region career with a 1st place finish. He was 9th as a freshman, 6th as a sophomore, 3rd as a junior, and 1st as a senior. He has always shown guts and determination, and it really paid off in his 4th all-region performance and his first individual championship. Josh Ward ran great to finish 2nd. Logan MacKay had another monster finish for 4th. Colton Rimann stayed steady and strong for 7th. Stokton Smith continued his comeback with a great 9th place finish. And Kimball Potter, Colter Blanchard, and Matt Hawkins finished right together in 10-11-12 (giving us 8 of the top 12 finishers). It was our strongest race of the season so far and our best 1-5 spread in a big meet (:35). We will be shooting for under :30 in both the boys and the girls races at state. It was the boys 19th straight region championship - we have not lost since 1994. The Standard Examiner referred to it as a "Dynasty on the Run".

State Championships - Wednesday (10/23) at Sugarhouse Park. We want the entire TEAM there - obviously those who are racing - but also everyone else. Plan on making a lot of noise and being the craziest, most excited fans on the course. Our '8th man' can make a huge difference on this very challenging course. Both those who are running and those who are cheering should prepare for our best performance of the season. For any parents and siblings who are coming to the race - make sure NOT to run alongside any of the competitors - it is considered aiding the runner. You also have to keep your shirts on (sorry - it's a rule). 
We will be stopping at Cafe Rio on the way home from the meet. You each need to bring $5 and we will cover the rest. Here is the state meet schedule:
11:15 - excused from school (bring your lunch with you).
11:30 - buses leave
2:00 - Girls 5A Race
3:30 - Boys 5A Race
6:30 - Back to the School
*Let me know if you have any questions about the state championships. 

TEAM Pictures - Thursday (10/24) - Bring your uniforms, your black 'Davis XC' shirts, and boys bring your 'Jan's Boys' shirts. We will also be watching the video footage from state on Thursday. 

*There will be no practice this week on Friday and Saturday. I would like you to go for a 3-7 mile run on one of the two days. We will begin our training for NXN on Monday (10/28). 

Alumni Update - Many of our alumni have been racing cross country for colleges throughout the state. Preston Johnson and Ellie Child both finished in Weber State's top 5 this last weekend at the Adidas Invitational in Wisconsin. Joanna Boyd is running on the travel squad at Utah State. Jessie Wilding and Seth Gutzwiller have been racing well in UVU's top 5. Shea Martinez is coming back from a late summer injury and Joe White is back from a mission - both are preparing for the track season at BYU. And Jared Ward raced his first marathon last week in Chicago where he finished 19th and was the 6th fastest American with 2:16.18. Jared is done with cross country, but still has a track season with BYU. 
NXN Southwest - By the end of this week (hopefully Thursday), I will announce the initial invite list for the trip to Tempe for NXN Southwest. We are going to be able to bring about 50 athletes. Those who are invited will be expected to continue training with us until the trip. Those who are not invited are encouraged to keep training with the group through November 21st. I have attached the itinerary which includes hotel information. Let me know if you have other questions. 

This is a big week for all of us. I just want to tell each of you how grateful I am for this TEAM. I am so proud of all of you and the hard work and sacrifice that have gone into making this season great. Be very positive all throughout the week. Think happy thoughts - don't get too stressed out - just keep doing what we have been doing. Have fun and be relaxed. Be confident. Believe in yourselves and in your TEAM. I believe in each of you. I know you are tough and I know you have prepared to have your best race of the season. DXC is going to show up when it matters most!! 

Coach Talley

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