Saturday, October 12, 2013

DXC Update - Barnes Park

Darts -
The Region Championships are here. It has been an incredible season so far. We have accomplished a lot as a TEAM, and I am so proud of all the work you have done. This is one final chance for our entire TEAM to show what we are made of. I want to see each of you running tough, having fun, and giving all you can for your TEAM.

Mental Preparation for a Big Race:
1) Physically prepare - make sure that you are getting a good amount of sleep (for 4-5 days), make sure you are eating right, and make sure you are hydrating for a few days before the race. I find when I know I have done a good job physically preparing, I feel so much more confident in what I am going to do.
2) Don't overthink the race. It is good to have a race plan, and many people like to visualize how the race will go - but don't think about it to the point that you get really nervous. Realize that it is just running - when it comes down to it - you are going to push yourself and run as hard as you can just like you do on a weekly basis.
3) Never put too much emphasis on one race. I hope that each of you PR and each of you have your best race of the season, but you are not always going to have your best day (I think you all know that by now). Realize that there is nothing wrong with having an off day. Do your best to prepare for a great day and be positive, but also know that you will have other opportunities to challenge yourself and show what you are made of. No matter what happens - commit to giving your best effort - whether you feel awesome or you feel like it is a rough day.
4) Find a way to stay relaxed while still being excited. I like to listen to music which gets me determined without getting me too fired up for a race.

I believe in each of you. I know that you are strong and I know that you are prepared. When you get to the point in the race that is the toughest, remember all the work you have done, think of your teammates struggling and fighting along side you, and find a way to push through any pain and any doubt.

Barnes Park Race - The results are online at - It was a very solid TEAM performance for us going into the region championships against the same 6 teams. Congrats to Kent Thompson and Grace Neuenschwander for earning varsity spots for the region meet. Also congrats to Skylar Williams, Taylor Cox, Kaitlyn Datwyler, and Britton Porter for their individual wins. We had a record 32 boys under 18:00 (with only 11 seniors in that group), and a record 13 girls under 19:40 - also setting a new TEAM time record for the course with a top 5 average of 18:22.

Athletes of the Week: Kelton Johnson, Brady England, Grace Neuenschwander, Elise Anderson

Region Championships - Monday at Layton Park. We are going for our 18th straight region title on the boys side (which has to be some kind of record), and our 8th straight for the girls. It should be an exciting day for both the varsity and JV runners. Here is the schedule:
1:15 - Excused from school (1:05 for 9th graders) - if you need to stay in school, please have your parents bring you over (just make sure you are there at least 1 hour before you race).
1:30 - Buses leave
3:00 - Girls JV
3:30 - Boys JV
4:00 - Girls Varsity
4:30 - Boys Varsity
5:15 - Awards (I would like everyone to stay until all the awards are finished)
*We will do popsicles one last time if any parents would like to bring 18-24 of them and put them in the white cooler.
*Thanks for all the help at the region dinners on Friday night.
*Don't forget to dress up for school on Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday - We will have practice for everyone - even if region was your final race.

UEA - We will have practice on Thursday and Friday for those who are running at state and the alternates. The rest of you are expected to run on your own all 3 days of UEA break if you are hoping to go to Nike Southwest with the TEAM. The Nike Southwest group will be announced shortly after the state championships.

State Championships - Wednesday, October 23rd at Sugarhouse Park. The buses are going to leave at 11:30. I would like everyone to plan on coming to the state meet to support the TEAM (even if you are not running). I promise you will have a great time. The girls will race at 2:00 and the boys race at 3:30.

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