Saturday, June 1, 2013

Davis Cross Country 2013

Darts - 
It was great to see so many of you at the meeting yesterday. I am very excited about the summer training and about a new season next fall. I hope that I didn't scare too many of you away at the meeting. There were a few main things that I hope you took away from the meeting:
1) We are going to work hard - but we are going to have fun doing it. 
2) Everyone is on a different running level - and you should each shoot for a mileage number that you are ready for this summer. (Remember to be patient with yourself and consistent with your training). The most important thing to us is that you do your best and that you learn to push your own limits - that is what DXC is all about.
3) We are going to work this summer and fall on being a unified TEAM (also a huge part of DXC). 
Most of the other important information you can find in the handout that I sent home with you (which is also attached to this email). 

A few other important things to know:
1) The weekly mileage email that you are all supposed to send on Saturdays or Sundays is mandatory. I want to know what you are doing each week. It is also very important to me that you read the emails that I send out to you each week.
2) If your parents didn't get this email and they would like to receive the weekly emails - have them send me their email address. Otherwise, they can follow the updates on 
3) We have a facebook page - Davis High Cross Country Team - you should all 'follow' the page. I will sometimes post reminders on there. 
4) If anyone has already changed their mind and would like to be removed from this email, please let me know. 
5) If you have any interested friends - just bring them to a practice and introduce them to me. 
6) I will keep graduates on the email list through the summer - after that, you will need to request to stay on the list. 

Next week is week #1 for our summer mileage. We will have 12 weeks that count on your summer miles (June 3-August 25). We have some TEAM goals - depending on where you are as a runner. I think you should each start the summer with an idea of where you would like to be at the end - 
700 miles (58 miles per week) - 10 boys/0 girls
600 miles (50 miles per week) - 15 boys/3 girls
500 miles (42 miles per week) - 30 boys/15 girls (our record is 22 boys)
400 miles (34 miles per week) - 45 boys/30 girls (our record is 21 girls)
300 miles (25 miles per week) - Everyone who runs summer cross country
*Remember that it is important to build up throughout the summer. If you have a goal to hit 500 miles - you should start around 35 miles the first few weeks and your final weeks of the summer will be in the low 50s. 
*We have awards at the end of the summer for the top mileage in two categories: Returning Runners and Beginning Runners.

We are meeting next week:
Monday - 3:00pm at the Davis Track
Tuesday - 3:00pm at the Davis Track (we'll be playing a running 'game')
Friday - 6:30am at the Davis Track (the schedule says 7:00am - GET OUT OF BED and GET THERE!!)
If you miss those - we will meet at the Vita Course on Monday (June 10th) at 7:00am - up at the top of 200 N, above Highway 89, before you get to the shooting range.

Once again - I am really looking forward to working with you this summer. Our cross country success in years past has come from having a very strong summer base. I hope that you are all on board with putting in the work that is going to turn you into a fit, tough, determined running machine. Bring excitement, passion, and personality to everything you do. 
Please let me know if you or your parents have any questions. 
Coach Talley

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