Sunday, October 7, 2012

DXC Update - Barnes Park

Darts - 
Sort of had a busy weekend, so the email is a bit late, but I have some information that I needed to get out to all of you. First off - great week of practices, and great job at the Barnes Park meet. We had new course records (for the 3 mile race) for both the boys and the girls. Shea Martinez ran 18:03 to break her own course record by 50 seconds, and Brayden Cromar ran 15:25 to break his course record (that he shared with Preston Johnson) by 25 seconds. We also perfect scored all three races by taking the top 5 places in each. It was definitely one of our most solid TEAM performances this year. It came right at the perfect time as we are preparing for the region and state championships these next 2 Wednesdays. Girls results can be found at and boys results can be found at

Athletes of the Week: Elise Anderson, Sam Hedquist, Preston Johnson, Kimball Potter, Brandon Peters

Region Championships - Will be held at Layton Park on Wednesday, October 10th. Here are the following important items regarding the meet:
1) Time Schedule:
1:15 - Excused from School (please check in with your 4th period classes)
1:30 - Bus leaves to Layton Park
3:00 - Girls JV 
3:30 - Boys JV
4:00 - Girls Varsity
4:30 - Boys Varsity
5:00 - Awards (I would like the entire TEAM to stay for awards)

2) Region Meeting - will be on Tuesday at 2:45 in my classroom.

3) Region Dinners - the girls will be at Ellie Child's house at 5:30 on Tuesday night, and the boys will be at Hayden Hansen's at 5:30 on Tuesday night. We will give addresses and directions at the meetings on Monday and Tuesday. We will also have you sign up to bring salad, breadsticks, dessert, or to help with the pasta. Seniors should be prepared to say something to fire up your TEAM before the region championships. If there are any moms (or dads) of seniors who would like to help with getting the pasta cooked and/or bringing spaghetti sauce - please let me know. 

4) Both TEAMs should plan on dressing up at school on Wednesday. Boys in ties - girls in dresses.

5) We will do popsicles one last time (for this season). If any parents can bring 18-24 of them - just let me know - or bring them and drop them off in the cooler.

6) After the region meet - everyone will meet and continue to train on Thursday and Friday. Those who will be running at state (and the alternates) will have a Saturday practice. And then everyone will meet together on Monday and Tuesday of next week. 

State Championships - will be held on October 17th at Sugarhouse Park. Although only 7 boys and 7 girls can run, I expect all of you to attend the state meet and be a part of the race - if not through racing, by cheering, supporting, and inspiring. Plus we will take quite a few TEAM pictures - and we will be the loudest, most excited TEAM at the meet. The girls race at 2:30 and the boys race at 4:00.

That's all. I hope that each of you are determined to have your best race of the season on Wednesday. Get the rest you need these next 3 nights. Take extra good care of yourselves. Visualize yourself performing your very best. And show up ready to tear it up and ready to be a TEAM.

Coach Talley

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