Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Update #6

Darts -
It is hard to believe that we are 6 weeks into the summer training - and that the weeks that count for summer mileage are already half way over. I think it has been a decent first half of summer. Many of you have worked hard and increased your mileage and trained consistently through these first weeks. But we have to be even stronger over the 2nd half of the summer. I know that it can be tough to stay focused over 12 weeks of the summer. It is much easier to be lazy and to just look for "fun" things to do through the summer. But I promise you that you will be happier if you put in some work with your play. You will come out of the summer with a higher fitness level, and you will be satisfied that you accomplished something as an individual and as a TEAM.
As a TEAM, the girls are at 6,324 combined miles. Last year we were at 6,630 after the first 6 weeks, and we ended the summer with 12,821 (a TEAM record). I really think we can break the TEAM record and finish over 13,000 miles, but it is going to take a TEAM effort. Many of you have dropped off a little over the past few weeks, and Janae and I are challenging you to re-focus and to set some goals and to help the TEAM get over 13,000 miles. I have attached the summer miles up to this point. Let me know if you see any errors or if I am missing a week that you have reported. If you have any blank weeks, let me know and I will fill them in and we will go from there. If you haven't sent in a single week, but would like to help the TEAM over the second half of the summer, start sending me your weekly training log and I will add you to the list. We have been successful over the years because we are willing to work hard and run more than most other teams do over the summer. I want to commend those of you who have been working hard for your TEAM, and I want to challenge all of you to work even harder over the second half of the summer so that we are tougher than ever when the season arrives.
The boys are sitting at 7,863 combined miles. Some of the boys have really caught fire and are consistently reporting solid weeks, but many of the boys have fallen off or leveled off. I think we can get 9,000 miles over the second half of the summer and end close to 17,000. It won't quite be a record (18,098 from 2010), but it will be a huge TEAM accomplishment. The same challenge goes to the boys as I gave to the girls. Get involved, increase your mileage, make a commitment to work harder and run more - and as a TEAM, let's see if we can break 17,000 miles. Even if you have not sent in a single week, you can still start to contribute and help us reach our goal.
Look at what you did for the first half of the summer, and set a goal for the second half. Then try to make a general plan on how you are going to reach that overall mileage goal over the final 6 weeks of the summer. I would look at it in two 3 week building cycles. For example - you might go 35-40-35, then 40-45-50 to total 245 miles over the final 6 weeks of the summer. Not only will it make you a stronger, more committed runner, but it will help our TEAM complete one of our best summers ever.

I want you all to work on your TOUGHNESS. You don't have to run "all-out" every time - but practice pushing your limits. Get your lungs used to the burning, and your legs used to the aching, and your heart used to the pounding. And then get your mind ready to overcome any doubts and fears. You have to make yourselves used to the uncomfortable pace and push your way through it physically and mentally. All of us can run harder than our minds currently think. All of us can increase our pain tolerance - and become tougher mentally. One thing that will give you mental toughness and confidence is completing hard workouts where you really give your all. It does not matter how fast you are - but it does matter that you learn to run your best and challenge yourself. Our workouts will start to get harder and harder from this week on.

Janae is going to write up an email on nutrition. You should see that email in the next week or so. Nutrition is another area where you can help yourselves have more energy and recover more quickly.

This week's schedule -
Wednesday - Varsity Run - meet at the school at 7:00am
Thursday - Everyone meet at the school at 7:00am - we are driving over to the Lagoon Trails for mile repeats
Monday (the 18th) - Vita Course @ 7:00am

High Altitude Camp - I have given out the invitations and the information for the high altitude camp (August 1-5). Please let me know if you have any questions or if any of you who are on the list I sent out last week will be unable to go. I have a few alternates in mind, and I will invite the alternates if any of the original list is unable to go. Also, let me know if you would like to be considered for the alternate list.

Legacy Midnight Run - Thanks to those who have volunteered to help with the Legacy Midnight Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k. We will meet at the Farmington Frontrunner Station (by the new Harmon's) at 8:30pm on Friday. We should be done around 12:30am. This will earn $1000 for the program. Let me know if you have any questions. I am still looking for about 10 volunteers to add to the following list of people who have emailed me that they would be able to help. Let me know if I somehow missed you.
Jackson Rayl
Jackson?s mom (Angi)
Whitney Williams
Michaela Uresk
Carissa Uresk
Sierra Haslam
Shaylee Argyle
Julia Anderson
Elise Anderson
Scott Taylor
Sara Munns
Sara?s Mom
Trevor Fry
Jed Brough
Devin Farnsworth
Anni Andersen
Liz Ashby
Tina Ashby
Caleb Gipson

Deseret News 10k - If any of you are interested in running the Deseret News 10k as a member of the Davis TEAM, please let me know. ANYONE can run it - the cost is $20 if you register with a high school team. We will NOT be staying down in Salt Lake like we have in past years. Instead, we will need to coordinate rides early in the morning on Monday, July 25th to get down to the race. If you would like to run, just let me know and I will get you a registration form.

Dart Challenge 5k - Will be on August 20th. I will send out the entry forms soon. Try to get family and friends excited to run with us. It is a fundraiser for the TEAM.

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