Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Cross Country - Update #5

Darts -
I was very impressed with your efforts and performances this week at the vita course and at the Layton Park mile repeats. This was probably our hardest week of the summer so far, and you responded well. Nearly everyone who made it to the practices was running hard and learning from the practice. Congrats to both Preston Johnson and Brad Nye for running faster than the previous record on the Vita Course. For those of you who have not been coming to TEAM practices and maybe have not been running this summer, I hope you know that it is still okay to start now. It is not too late by any means to still get some solid base out of your summer training. I think you will find the workouts fun and challenging and you will find that it is nice to be running with people who will push you to be better. If you are afraid that you are too slow or not ready, don't let that keep you from experiencing DXC. We have runners at all levels - and no one there is as ready as they want to be - we are working together to get faster and stronger and more ready. You will meet some good people at the practices, and I might even bring popsicles.
Keep doing the little things that are going to make you better and keep you healthy - get enough sleep, eat right, do your abs and pushups and weights, make sure you are stretching regularly, and ice if you need to ice. In addition to all of the things you can do to train physically, don't neglect the mental side of preparation. Practice pushing through the times that you want to slow down or run more comfortably. When you get to the point in a run where you are having doubts about how fast you can go - fight those doubts with positive self talk. Believe in yourselves and believe that you will get stronger from the work you are putting in. Set goals and make plans for what you are going to do each week to get the mileage you want. And try to develop a love for running and how it makes you feel.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
I hope you had a great week 5 - send me your miles!!
Enjoy your 4th of July weekend.
Coach Talley

Next Week's Schedule -
Monday, July 4th - no TEAM practice. I know that many of you are running the Kaysville 5k or 10k - good luck!
Tuesday, July 5th - Vita Course at 7:00am
Wednesday, July 6th - you are on your own (no varsity run)
Thursday, July 7th - meet at the school at 7:00am.
Friday and Saturday - you are on your own.

Legacy Midnight Run - I am looking for volunteers to help at the aid stations and the finish line of the Legacy Midnight Run on Friday, July 15th. We will be meeting at the Farmington Frontrunner station at 8:30pm and we will be done around 12:30am. You do not need to be on the team to volunteer (family and friends are welcome). I need 25 volunteers - and the race has agreed to donate $1,000 to the program. It should be fun - and they will give each of the volunteers a t-shirt and glow sticks. It is a great way for us to earn some money (which is much needed at this point).

High Altitude Camp - On Tuesday next week, I will have a list of those invited to high altitude camp (August 1-5 at Marsh Lake in the Uintahs). I will also email out the list and the waiver with more information about the camp. I will be inviting you based on summer mileage through the first 5 weeks, attendance at practice, communication with me, and on your ability to handle the intense week of training at a high altitude. I will be able to bring about 50 of you.

Dart Challenge 5k - will be on August 20th at 8:00 am at Barnes Park. Keep the day open if possible - it is a fundraiser for the program and our first TEAM race of the season.

Shin Splints - many of you have had questions about shin splints - Janae has the following answers. . .
Hello all,
I've noticed as I've been reading through your mileage report emails that several of you are complaining of shin splints. Some of the aches and pains that many of you are feeling are a part of your body getting used to the running. However, it is important that we take care of these aches and pains before they turn into more serious issues. Here is an article that my husband Ken wrote that provides some great tips to help you overcome shin splints.

Tentative 2011 Schedule -
August 1-5 High Altitude Camp
August 20 Dart Challenge 5k
August 27 Grass Relays, American Fork
August 31 Pre-Region, Layton Park
September 10 BYU Invite, BYU
September 14 Davis County Championships, Layton Park
September 16 Murray Invitational, Murray Park
September 21 Open Meet @ Fremont
September 24 Bob Firman Invite, Boise, ID
September 28 Open Meet @ Syracuse
September 30 Orem Invitational, UVU Campus
October 5 Open Meet @ Davis (Barnes Park)
October 12 Region Championships, Layton Park
October 19 State Championships, Sugarhouse Park
November 19 Nike Southwest Regional, AZ
December 3 Nike Cross Nationals, Portland, OR

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