Friday, October 15, 2010

Cross Country Update - Region Champs!!

Darts -
The region cross country meet showed what DXC is all about: racing hard and racing as a TEAM. I was so pleased with the desire and the determination that you all brought to the race. It was truly one of the best meets in the history of Davis Cross Country. The TEAM wins gave us 15 straight region titles for the boys and 5 straight for the girls. We ran the fastest TEAM times (top 5 times combined) in the history of the course, and we had a ton of PRs. Most importantly, the efforts were tough, and the TEAM had a lot of fun racing and supporting their TEAMmates.
The girls were led by Shea Martinez who set a course record of 18:06 on her way to being region champion. We had 5 more girls finish in the top 10 (All-Region) including Meghan, Anni, Tessa, Abby, and Madi - all 5 are seniors and have worked hard to get to where they are today. I was so proud of our senior class this season and all of the leadership they provided. Our TEAM truly had chemistry this year which has helped us to become our very best. I am really going to miss this group. Joanna finished in 11th - just off of all-region, and Nalany was 13th (running as one of our non-scoring athletes). The varsity girls ran a combined TEAM time of 1:34.07 (averaging 18:49). It broke the old record of 1:34.24 by the 2002 Davis team. In the JV race, we did something that the Davis girls have never done - we swept the top 10. Last year we finished 1-9 and almost got it. The boys have done it a few times, but the girls had never swept. Not only did we get the top 10 in the girls JV race, we finished 1-17. It was a true show of dominance, and it is all because of hard work and dedication to getting better through the summer and through the season. Sophomore Emily Hammond led the way with 20:08 and she was followed closely by Janice and Sierra. Our seniors fought hard for us in the JV race as well - led by Jessica, Danna, Tracey, and Julia. They have all been such good examples of hard work and love for running. We are lucky to have some good young runners as well, with 12 of the the top 17 in the JV race coming back.
It was nice to have Austin Neuner running healthy and strong again in the boys race. He led the way with a region title in a time of 15:33. It is the fastest that anyone has run on the course since 2006, and it is the 6th fastest time ever run on the course. Austin was followed closely by fellow senior Joe White who finished 2nd in 15:41 (All-time #9). Joe made a strong move over the 2nd half of the race to move up into the #2 spot. Brayden Cromar (sophomore) rounded out our 1-2-3 sweep with a strong finish as well. He took off with about 600m to go, and moved from 5th to 3rd. His time of 15:47 is #12 time ever run on the course and is the sophomore record for the course (old record 16:06 by Seth Gutzwiller). Preston Johnson, also a sophomore, ran 15:57 to finish 6th, and Brad Nye was 16:01 to finish 7th. The top 5 times combined to 1:18.59 to give us the TEAM time record (average of 15:48). It is a record we will be going after again next year. Freshman Skylar Williams had a monster kick to finish all-region with a time of 16:06 - it shattered the freshman record (also by Gutz at 16:23). Our varsity group was rounded out by Adam Mathias, Matt Munns, Matt Swanson, and Logan Wood. This race was the first time this season that our seniors beat our underclassmen in a dual meet score (27-29). The seniors definitely deserve it. They are a group that has taken our TEAM to the next level. Through their hard work, competitiveness, and determination, these boys have become a tough, fast TEAM. The JV boys finished the season undefeated with a 1-8 sweep and perfect score of 15. Zach Schofield was the individual champion, followed by 3 sophomores: Jackson, Alex, and Hayden. Austin Allred had a great race for 5th, and Spencer Jones, Phillip Baker, and Taylor Goldsberry rounded out our sweep. Our seniors have been outstanding, and we return 11 of our top 18 runners.
Coming up we have our biggest test of the season at the state meet. The boys (who are currently ranked #7 in the U.S.) are going up against an incredibly strong American Fork team (ranked #2 in the U.S.). We are going to be focusing on ourselves - running our strongest race. The girls (currently ranked #19 in the U.S.) are going to have their hands full with some tough young teams from Skyline and Alta. We need to continue to prepare ourselves and have our strongest TEAM races. We will need all of the TEAM, parent, and alumni support that we can get at the state meet on Wednesday. Not only will we be racing against teams in our own division, but we will also be aiming to do our best in the combined division results (so times become very important).

Coming Up:
Varsity Dinner - for state athletes and alternates - at Abby's house on Monday at 6:00pm
State Cross Country Championships - Wednesday (Oct 20th) at Sugarhouse Park. Girls race at 2:30 pm, and the boys race at 4:00 pm (this is a change from last year - the schedule will go 3A-4A-5A girls then 3A-4A-5A boys)
TEAM Pictures - Friday after school. Bring your uniforms and your DXC shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve).

Athletes of the Week:
Austin Neuner - back with a victory
Brayden Cromar - huge finish
Jackson Sagers - breakthrough race
Abby Frodsham - great leader, great fighter
Janice Hartvigsen - strong race for 2nd in JV
Brooke Gutzwiller - worked hard, stayed positive through all challenges

Girls JV -
1. Emily Hammond 20:08
2. Janice Hartvigsen 20:13
3. Sierra Haslam 20:14
4. Jessica Paget 20:26
5. Becca Albrechtsen 20:26
6. Ashley Tyndall 20:29
7. Megan Parker 20:32
8. Sarah Parker 20:33
9. Brooke Gutzwiller 20:40
10. Liz Ashby 20:54
11. Mikell Wood 20:59
12. Danna Stuart 21:27
13. Tracey Munson 21:29
14. Julia Anderson 21:45
15. Whitney Williams 21:58
16. Madie McCleary 22:06
17. Kayla Sagers 22:10
19. Shaylee Argyle 22:16
20. Michaela Uresk 22:20
25. Katie Seljaas 23:15
40. Adrienne Luddington 25:05
48. Jaden Johnson 26:03
51. Melissa Shinn 26:24

Team Scores
1. Davis 15
2. Weber 53
3. Viewmont 73
4. Clearfield 117

Girls Varsity -
1. Shea Martinez 18:06 (New course record - old record was 18:10 by Jamie Stubbs from Fremont in 2002)
3. Meghan Hedquist 18:45
5. Anni Andersen 18:58
7. Tessa Brown 19:06
8. Abby Frodsham 19:12
10. Madi Holt 19:24
11. Joanna Boyd 19:28
13. Nalany Resek 19:53
26. Anna Ward 21:10

Team Scores
1. Davis 24
2. Viewmont 66
3. Fremont 108
4. Syracuse 109
5. Roy 109
6. Weber 110
7. Clearfield 172
8. Layton 257

Boys JV
1. Zach Schofield 16:40
2. Jackson Sagers 16:48
3. Alex Hedquist 16:49
4. Hayden Hansen 16:50
5. Austin Allred 16:55
6. Spencer Jones 17:06
7. Phillip Baker 17:07
8. Taylor Goldsberry 17:14
12. Adam Seelos 17:21
17. Seth Thompson 17:51
20. Joseph Bailey 17:57
21. Korbin Birrell 17:58
23. Brad Fry 18:04
24. Curtis Knight 18:09
27. Kyle Storey 18:14
28. Devin Vance 18:17
29. Andrew Aposhian 18:22
30. Colton Cottrell 18:23
32. Rex Sumsion 18:29
36. Ryan Tanner 18:38
40. Jed Brough 18:50
46. James Stenquist 19:07
55. Isaac Clouse 19:13
57. Adam Berry 19:17
58. Cameron Layton 19:18
62. Van DeMille 19:28
64. Nelson Davis 19:31
69. Matt Taylor 19:33
71. Nick Mason 19:34
76. Trevor Fry 19:45
77. Tyson Jeppson 19:46
83. Alex White 19:55
89. Niel Sodja 20:09
96. Dan Wybrow 20:25
101. Collin Pace 20:37
102. Shawn Miller 20:38
103. Devin Farnsworth 20:43
104. Kimball Potter 20:48
113. Josh Valentine 21:33
118. Andy Michaelis 22:14
125. Mark Lindstrom 23:15

Team Scores
1. Davis 15
2. Weber 50
3. Syracuse 94
4. Clearfield 110
5. Fremont 132
6. Northridge 185
7. Viewmont 198

Boys Varsity
1. Austin Neuner 15:33
2. Joe White 15:41
3. Brayden Cromar 15:47
6. Preston Johnson 15:57
7. Brad Nye 16:01
9. Skylar Williams 16:06
17. Adam Mathias 16:24
19. Matt Munns 16:34
21. Matt Swanson 16:41
26. Logan Wood 16:53

Team Scores
1. Davis 19
2. Weber 76
3. Syracuse 103
4. Viewmont 103
5. Clearfield 123
6. Northridge 156
7. Fremont 169
8. Roy 193
9. Layton 254

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