Saturday, August 1, 2009

High Altitude Camp Pictures

Darts -
I really felt like cross country camp this year was a huge success. Taking 20 more people than we have ever had at camp really scared me, but it turned out to be a great experience for me as a coach, and I hope that you all enjoyed your time up at Marsh Lake. I appreciate you all following the rules and having such positive attitudes throughout a week of pretty intense altitude training. I will once again express my gratitude to Steve Petty for being so willing to let us use all of his gear and for his time and expertise. Thanks to Janae for being such a positive influence and for the sacrifices she had to make to come up with Ralee and with Kenneth (he needs a lot of babysitting too). Thanks to Kenneth for helping make camp fun and for the insights he gives into running and life. Thanks to Brad for the entertainment and for sharing his inspirational story. Thanks to the alumni - having 11 of you up there made it a special year for me - and you were helpful for the most part. Thanks to other parents who stayed with us and helped in many ways - Brett Wilding, Dave King, and Lisa Brown. And thanks to each of the parents who were willing to drive up there to drop off or pick up the athletes (sorry once again to Mrs. Poulson for all the effort it took in getting lost). And thanks to all of your parents for letting us spend the week together as a TEAM.

We'll start with some group shots from various times during the week.

The traditional shot on the boat ramp at the end of the week - with all the camp survivors
The Tuesday morning mile repeats were as tough as they are every year. It shows how much guts and determination we have on the TEAM. I love how hard it is, and I love watching as you each fight through the workout.

We were excited to have Macee from Monticello with us all week. She is definitely one of the hardest workers we have ever had a camp.

Kenneth did the majority of the runs pushing Raelee in their off-road stroller.
I guess Becca was pretty mad at me for making her do the 23 mile run/hike - then getting her up early to hike 20 minutes to go on another run.

I took a few shots of Seth, Curtis, and Logan running through the trees, this one was my favorite.
The following shots are from the 1-5 game which turned into a mud fight. I was just innocently trying to officiate the game when I was attacked by a mob of muddy, malicious conspirators.

One of the few times Jason wasn't cheating during the game.

It was fun to take some shots of siblings/family members at the top of Red Castle - didn't mean to miss Steve and Logan, and Sarah and Megan, Joe and Becca, Caleb and Anna, Hollie and Mike, and Julianne and Chris. (We have a lot of siblings on the TEAM).
Emily and Hayden
Jessie and Brett
Gutz and Little Gutz
Meghan and Alex
Katie and Matt

The waterfall at the top of Red Castle was amazing.

I notice this tree every year on the run from Bridger Lake

Joe White was the balancing tug-o-war champion.
Thanks, Kenneth and Janae

Thanks Master Steve

Thanks GraduatesJason won the "best camper" award. He helped out every day - even if it wasn't his crew who had the assignment.
The 3 freshman studs - as Ben would say, these guys "owned" the running at camp. Good work Alex, Hayden, and Preston.

Caitlin had to leave early from camp to go on trek - she was a sad, lonely pioneer.

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Admin said...

I only know of your XC program by repute and found it off of a results link from Runnercard, but I have to say that I enjoyed looking at your camp pictures immensely. They remind me of my own high school days (admittedly long ago) going to our high altitude camps. Our successes as a team (and we were pretty much undefeated during my HS tenure) could be traced back to the hard work and camaraderie that is so evident in your pictures, and great coaching, obviously. I don't know how anyone could look at these pics and not want to throw on the running shoes and go run, NOW. :-)