Sunday, August 31, 2008

Grass Relays

It was a great first week of the actual cross country season (and an all right first week of school). I was pleased with how things went on Saturday at the Grass Relays. I don't think we ran as well as we are capable of running, but it was impressive as a start, and it showed that we are ahead of where we were at this point last year on both the boys and the girls TEAMS. During the week we battled with the heat, bee stings, getting lost, dehydration, a few minor injuries, some fatigue from starting school, and some pretty hard runs, but by Saturday everybody looked pretty focused and ready to race. There were some things we did well, and some things we need to work on - we will talk more about that on Tuesday. Even those runners who fell going through the hay (Jessie, Candace, Carston, Logan) still got up and finished strong. And even those who lost their shoe (Becca) still got back in the race and ran hard. I was a proud coach.

JV Boys Results
Derek Gallacher 11:15
Caleb Ward 11:17
Logan Petty 11:21
Curtis Carlisle 11:28
Jeff Taylor 11:33
Colin Cromar 12:06
Trevor Mills 12:15
Keigunn Kunz 12:15
Joe White 12:16
Cody Robins 12:20
Joe Albrechtsen 12:24
Andrew Steinicke 12:30
Mike Murdock 12:34
Brandon Estoque 12:35
Cade Cloward 12:36
James Stenquist 12:58
Bradley Frye 12:53
Adam Matthias 13:04
Adam Seelos 13:09
* The Top 5 Boys JV times would have beaten our last year varsity team time. They also would have placed 9th (5th for 5A in the boys varsity race out of 28 teams).
Varsity Boys:
1. Timpview 54:18
2. American Fork 55:28
3. Davis 55:46
Carston Feigleson 11:10
Michael King 11:14
Leland Stenquist 11:24
Jason Thomas 11:18
Seth Gutzwiller 10:40 (7th overall)
*We finished with 9 boys under 11:30. Last year we had 3. It is the most we have ever had under 11:30 on the course.

Girls JV
Jessie Wilding 13:15
Talya Kussee 13:23
Hollie King 13:25
Brooke Stromberg 13:34
Lizzy Wallin 13:52
Brittany Sumsion 13:59
Rachel Jackson 14:07
Chelsea Jackson 14:13
Brooke Gutzwiller 14:17
Hannah Firth 14:20
Becca Albrechtsen 14:39
Megan Parker 14:41
Anna Ward 14:54
Carlee Petersen 14:55
Missy Lott 15:13
Danna Stuart 15:39
Tracey Munson - missing from results - I think around 15:40
Madi Holt 15:46
Karaline Vandemerwe 15:53
Emily Prince 16:06
*The top 5 girls JV times would have finished 4th in the Varsity Girls Relay out of 23 teams. The only girls in front of our top JV runners were other teams top varsity runners. It looks like another great start for our JV girls.
Varsity Girls:
1. Davis 63:34 (#3 All-Time team time for the course)
Meghan Hedquist 12:30 (3rd overall)
Katie Swanson 12:54 (11th)
Emily Hansen 12:48 (8th)
Julianne Wirthlin 12:57 (13th)
Candace Eddy 12:25 (2nd)
2. Mountain Crest 65:38
3. Timpanogos 66:03
*We finished with the most girls we have ever had under 14:20 (15) Last year we had 12. It shows a lot of TEAM strength and depth.
Like I said before, it was great for a start. We have things we can learn from it, and we still have improving to do - which is a good thing.

Monday (Labor Day) - Practice at Layton Park at 7:30 am
Wednesday (3rd) - Pre-Region Meet at Layton Park. Races Begin at 3:30. There will be a boys JV and Varsity. All girls will run together.
Thursday (4th) - We had planned to have a parents night, but we will have to reschedule because of the football game versus the team from Hawaii that night - I will give you information for parents night later.
Saturday (6th) - BYU XC Invite - I will be giving you information this week. It is our first really big race of the year.

Bob Firman Invite - is on September 20th in Boise, Id. The bus will hold 50 athletes. I would like to take 50. It will cost $100. We will leave on Friday the 19th at 8:00am and be back on Saturday the 20th at about 9:00pm. Talk to your parents to see if they will let you go. I will get you more information on this later in the week.

ALUMNI NEWS: We had 3 graduates running for Weber State at their meet agains Utah State on Saturday. Natalie Haws ran 17:57 for the 5k race and finished 2nd. Loren Storey ran 19:42 to finish 20th. Chris Burnett ran the 6k course in 20:10 to place 8th.

Derek Gallacher and Jessie Wilding

Please send me your parent's email addresses if they would like to get these updates. They can also be found at

Thanks for putting effort in to make this a great start to what looks to be another awesome season. I will see most of you in the morning.
Coach Talley

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