Saturday, August 23, 2008

Final XC Update of the Summer

Darts -
In case you didn't know, summer is over. You have one day left to do all your school shopping.
It has been a great summer. Both the boys and the girls TEAMs set records for team total summer mileage, we had more people attending practices than ever before, and a lot of you have improved quite a bit. Most importantly, you have developed the running base you need to be ready for some more intense workouts and races over the next 2 months. The season will go by even faster than the summer did. Anyway, I commend you all on your efforts this summer, and I know that your hard work and sacrifices will pay off. If you were not pleased with your own effort this summer, commit yourself to do a better job as school starts.

Here are our final items of summer business:
1) Mileage - You have until midnight on Tuesday to send me any weeks you want to count for the mileage. If you are not sure which weeks you are missing, email me and I will let you know. A lot of you are missing the final 2 weeks of the summer. After Tuesday night, whoever has the most miles (boys or girls) will get breakfast from the team with the least miles (I already have the breakfast day written on my calendar). Congratulations to Seth and Meghan for having the most miles on each side.
2) Eligibility - (Refer to the email earlier this week) - we need to have that stuff in by Wednesday (plus the $55). We will review that on Monday and Tuesday - I already have 5 of them (good job Kye, Keigunn, Lizzy, Brooke, and Sarah)
3) After School Practices - we will meet in my room and start the meetings at 2:45. We will hopefully be working out by about 3:05 (to give the 9th graders a chance to get there if they hurry). Plan on practices lasting until 4:30 or 5:00. Tuesday will be a sort of introduction meeting if you know of anyone new who would like to run (even 9th graders).
4) It is as important as ever to take good care of yourselves - hydrate well (carry a water bottle at school), do your abs, do your stretching, eat well (make sure you are getting iron and calcium), and make sure you have good shoes.
5) Race Schedule - you can look at the schedule on This will also be the site with pictures from camp and from the Dart Challenge - very soon.

Let me know if you have any questions, it has been a pleasure running with you all this summer.
Coach Talley

ps. Special thanks to Steve, Janae, Brad, and Lisa for their help this summer.

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