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DXC Update - Nike Southwest

Darts -
I hope that you have had a great Thanksgiving break and that you have spent some time with the people who are most important to you. It is a good time to step back and be grateful for the many blessings and opportunities in your life. I also hope that you are getting some rest and feeling excited about what's next - indoor/outdoor track and next year's cross country season. We have a lot of great things to look forward to, and a lot of work to do in the near future.

This Week - We have another full week without any organized practice. I will leave this upcoming week up to you. Some of you will find that you would like the majority of the 2 week break without running, and some of you may find that you are ready to run most days in the upcoming week - most of you are probably somewhere in between. If you feel that you were fairly beat up (or injured) from the xc season, use this next week to continue to recover, but maybe start some form of cross training if available to you. If you are feeling pretty good, try to fit in a few runs during this next week - nothing hard, just some mileage - 2-5 days of running with 3-8 miles per run. We will officially be back to practice on Tuesday, December 6th, when we start our winter base training and try to build our mileage going into the track season.

Important Dates:
Tuesday, December 6th - Indoor Track Meeting in the Cafeteria at 2:30pm. 8th and 9th graders are invited and encouraged to participate in indoor track with us. Just come to the cafeteria on Tuesday after you get out of school. We will have a small meeting that day with the junior high students at about 3:10 before going for a run. The indoor track meet schedule is up on the blog -
Tuesday, June 20th - 2017 Cross Country Meeting (Tentative)
July 31 - August 4: 2017 Cross Country Camp

Nike Southwest - We had a great trip to Arizona for the Nike Southwest Regional. The course was a bit longer than 5k (probably 3.18-3.20 miles), so the times were relatively slower than previous years on the course, but we still had some incredible efforts and performances.
In the open girls race, our girls finished in 3rd place against primarily varsity squads (even though #1 Mountain Vista was their JV). It was our highest finish since 2013. Sarah Waddoups and Madeline English ran strong in the front pack, and both finished in the top 25. 6 of our top 7 girls from that group are coming back, which should help us reload and come back strong a year from now. Great races in the open from Jacque Smith, Sara Miller, and Kate Stuart.
In the boys open race, we came away with a victory for the 2nd year in a row against some very strong varsity teams (2nd place Riverton was 11th in the Utah state merge results). Connor Jones had a phenomenal race for 9th place, and Josh Christiansen, McKay Treadwell, Derek Thornton, and Porter Van Drimmelen were all in the top 35. We showed our team depth in the open race with our 'C' team finishing in 6th place and our 'D' team finishing 10th. For the 2nd year in a row, the JV boys squad went undefeated - even in the varsity races they were entered in (Bob Firman and NXR). It will take some hard work to replace our outstanding group of seniors, but the young guys are looking good and hopefully very excited to step up. Great races in the open race from Porter Van Drimmelen, CJ Rees, and Nate Steed.
The girls in the championship race put it on the line from start to finish. They have worked very hard over the past 6 months, and really put their heart and soul into this race (and this TEAM). Although it wasn't the outcome we hoped for, I could not be more proud of these young women. They are a true TEAM and true CHAMPIONS. They sacrificed for one another and ran for one another all season long. It would have been great to qualify for the Nationals, but just as great is the type of teammates and people they have become. Aubrey led us in the race with an all-Southwest performance and a 19th place finish. The team finished in 6th place (the #2 team from Utah). For the seniors in the race, it might have been their final cross country race representing the 'D', but they have plenty of challenges in front of them that they will face with the same heart and determination. We had 2 sophomores in the race (Alicia and Abi), who are going to comeback and help the TEAM have success in the future.
The highlight of the day was the Boys Championship race. This has been a boys team that has shown strength and some renewed fire and grit since the state championship. I was very proud of the way they bounced back from a disappointing 7th in the state merge. We kept believing and just kept working for the shot at redemption. They ran extremely gutsy and aggressive in the southwest race to earn a spot at NXN with the 2nd place finish. I learned a lot from this team and their resilience, and I am excited to see what they can do this Saturday (12/3). In the southwest race, we were led by Camren Todd with a 13th place finish. It was great to have Cam feeling strong and running near top form again. Josh Peters came through like he has all season with a 31st place finish. Matt Ward and Seth Stromberg were kind of the heroes of the day - neither got out as well as we were hoping, but both of them fought through the groups and never gave up. They finished the 2nd half strong and moved into our 3-4 positions at 51st and 58th. Brigham Halverson also kept fighting throughout the race to secure the NXN spot for us with a 65th place. Devin, Frasier, and Jacob also put it all on the line - and though they struggled over the final 400-800m, they gave everything they had for their teammates. This is our 6th boys team to qualify for NXN.
*I will send out the link to the live feed to Nike Nationals later in the week.
Thanks to all of you who went with us to Nike Southwest and for everyone who supported the team in getting there. Once again, I hope that it gave you a renewed desire and motivation to be your best and to keep working hard. I know it doesn't always pay off or end up like you have hoped, but there is a lot to be said for working hard and sacrificing to accomplish a goal. I hope you will continue to be as passionate (or more passionate) about being your best in things to come.

Thanks for a great season!!!
Coach Talley

NXR Results
Boys Championship Race

13. Camren Todd - 15:40
31. Josh Peters - 15:59
51. Matt Ward - 16:07
58. Seth Stromberg - 16:16
65. Brigham Halverson - 16:19
95. Devin Jaster - 16:37
111. Frasier Williamson - 16:46
174. Jacob Vaughan - 17:16
Team Scores
1. American Fork - 121
2. Davis - 163
3. Springville - 195
4. Timpanogos - 201
5. Olympus - 209
6. Mountain Vista, CO - 216
7. Exceler8, CO - 250
8. Lone Peak - 255

Girls Championship Race
19. Aubrey Argyle - 18:21
53. Ally Geisler - 19:09
65. Grace Neuenschwander - 19:18
88. Alicia Halverson - 19:34
93. Abi Waddoups - 19:39
100. Miah Weaver - 19:43
121. Jenna Connell - 20:00
Team Scores
1. Mountain Vista, CO - 88
2. Desert Vista, AZ - 100
3. Broomfield, CO - 127
4. American Fork - 133
5. Vail Valley, CO - 183
6. Davis - 199
7. RIo Rancho, NM - 261
8. Pine View - 276

Girls Open Race (Large Schools)
14. Sarah Waddoups - 19:12
21. Madeline English - 19:21
51. Haylee Downey - 19:51
82. Rosie Schraedel - 20:11
94. Jennica Robinson - 20:21
96. Jacque Smith - 20:23
97. Sara Miller - 20:24
101. Sara Williams - 20:26
121. Kate Stuart - 20:35
130. Maddie Johnson - 20:39
184. Autumn Taylor - 21:08
203. Malaree Wood - 21:26
213. Amanda Ruvalcaba - 21:32
221. Louisa Twitchell - 21:40
222. Julia Schraedel - 21:40
225. Becky Swanson - 21:41
248. Ruby Jane Mathewson - 22:02
249. Sydnee Rayl - 22:03
290. Sarah Ferrell - 22:38
292. Megan Allart - 22:40
299. Abby Lawrence - 22:47
*383 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Mountain Vista, CO - 100
2. Timpview - 164
3. Davis B - 171
4. American Fork B - 205
16. Davis C - 387
28. Davis D - 744
*38 Total Teams

Boys Open Race (Large Schools)
9. Connor Jones - 16:27
15. Josh Christiansen - 16:38
24. McKay Treadwell - 16:45
30. Derek Thornton - 16:47
33. Porter Van Drimmelen - 16:50
42. Zach Jenkins - 16:55
49. CJ Rees - 17:00
57. Adam Hedquist - 17:04
58. Caden Wheeler - 17:05
72. Nate Iverson - 17:11
80. Brandon Christensen - 17:15
83. Lance Ford - 17:17
101. Carson Knight - 17:22
105. Jacob Halverson - 17:24
110. Jared Hogan - 17:25
113. Zach Moncur - 17:27
120. Nate Steed - 17:29
123. Sam Francis - 17:30
126. Dallin Kitchen - 17:32
135. Garrett Direda - 17:36
141. Daniel Harris - 17:37
158. Cole Weaver - 17:43
160. Branson Petty - 17:44
177. Kaleb Stinger - 17:50
189. Tanner Bilton - 17:54
204. Carson Cox - 17:58
226. Jake Miller - 18:07
239. Kelton Johnson - 18:11
481. Nate Wilde - 21:17
*537 Total Runners
Team Scores
1. Davis B - 83
2. Riverton - 138
6. Davis C - 239
10. Davis D - 395
25. Davis E - 702
*60 Total Teams

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