Monday, June 14, 2010

Kick-off Camp at Cutler Flats

Despite the rain, the wet sleeping bags, the hilly runs, and the mud, we had a great time at our overnight camp at Cutler Flats. . .
Sierra and Liz were proud of their ability to set up a tent. Abby, Shea, and Madie were all pretty excited they could use a hammer.

Coach Petty set up his tent in 13 seconds flat.

The new kids are easy to entertain.

We planned our outfits. (No making fun of my tan lines)
Michaela called this a "Lacrosse Sandwich"
Playing spoons with knives

Here is the progression of Hannah's black eye (she was nailed by a frisbee within the first hour). Above - her eye is just fine (pre-frisbee collision)
This is just after the frisbee met up with her eye.
By evening it was getting dark. The next morning it was a legitimate black eye.

The McCleary's did a great job on dinner. (Thanks)
Mikell and Sierra
Shea and Abby
Kaden and Austin

Janae was the camp massage therapist. Abby needed to hold someone's hand.

Caitlin and Karaline are actually trying to imitate Madie's face in this picture
This is their best Meghan Hedquist face. (I think Meghan does it better)
It looked pleasant right before we went to bed - but then it poured all night.
We woke up to this in the morning.
After the morning mud run.

They were paying close attention to my "how to cook a pancake" lesson.
Excellent pancakes. (Thanks to Brian stepping in)

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