2014 A of W

Highland Invite
Mitch Perry (3rd in JV)
Jacob Vaughn (2nd in Freshman/Sophomore)
Sarah Waddoups (2nd in Freshman/Sophomore)
Rachel Johnson (9th in JV)

Pre-Region/USU Invite
Josh Peters - 1st in JV at Pre-Region; 2nd JV at USU
Seth Stromberg - 1st in Rookie Race at USU
Stokton Smith - 1st at Pre-Region (course record); 5th at USU
Jenna Connell - 2nd in Rookie Race at USU
Sydnee Rayl - 2nd in JV at Pre-Region JV; 9th JV at USU
Ally Geisler - 4th at Pre-Region; 2nd overall at USU

District/BYU Invite
Brigham Halverson - 14th at District (JV), 13th at BYU (Fr/So) - Huge Improvements
Bryce Ferguson - 2nd at District (JV), 5th at BYU (JV) - Great teamwork
Colton Rimann - 5th at BYU (Varsity) - Hard work pays off
Madeline English - 23rd at BYU (Fr/So) - Huge PR
Sam Hedquist - 9th at BYU (Varsity) - Killer finish to a strong race
Amber Berry - 36th at BYU (JV) - Great example of hard work and positivity

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